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{LISTEN} Heart Activism: Choose Peace And Love & See Through Loving Eyes

Where is My Guru with Jessica Durivage
Interview with David Newman

What is altruistic musical activism? Is it possible for the goal to become the default? In this conversation with celebrated teacher, chant artist and sacred singer songwriter David Newman takes us on a journey that has spanned over 40 years of his life as a seeker dedicated to creating a space for himself and his students to see and experience life for themselves.

Link to FULL {and FREE} podcast here.

 You can learn more about David at his website. The song playing during the interview is Awakened by David Newman. You can purchase the song here. David also speaks about his book, The Time Bound Traveler, during the interview. Purchase his book here.

Davids NEW music video here:

Up & Coming with David
& Where Is My Guru


The Heart Way — an online course with David Newman.

Transform perspectives based on limiting beliefs into an expansive outlook based on the Unconditional Wisdom of your Heart! The Heart Way is a four week online experience introducing a method to help you connect with the infinite and sacred knowledge within you and to discover how to listen to your heart’s voice – that expresses the deepest truth of who you are.

The wisdom of your heart always guides you in a way that is fully aligned with your joy and life’s purpose. David Newman’s upcoming online program, The Heart Way begins on November 15th.

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For more David, The Urban Howl recommends Acoustic Chant: Ukulele Kirtan Serenades CD & Songbook.

Sip a little more of David’s medicine:

Stay Strong: 8 Heart Activating Sing-A-Longs With David Newman aka Durga Das



  1. Tanya Markul

    I’m SO impressed! There are AMAZING talks with such loving, awakened people. Completely inspired by Where Is My Guru!! YAY!! <3 <3 <3 <3 Honoured to share this here. #turntowardabunanceoflove

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