By Andrea Frade MOONS & STARS

Moon Wisdom For Week Starting Oct 31: Feel Your Way Through

By Andrea Maxine Frade

You stand in a downpour of gold.
It takes shape over the crown of your head, and builds into the image of a white cocoon.

A cosmic egg.

You look around your body and notice a sense of protection.
You feel the light in your fingertips and toes.
You look around, and again, feel another layer expanding around you.

A gigantic cosmic egg builds itself around you.
It is made of light.

The light that gathers around your body holds you through all phases right now. This is the new growth you have been waiting for.

Place your hands on your low belly and feel into the deep, soft waters of your soul.

Here you know
You are held
beyond measure.

You are guided,

This is a time of catalytic transformation. A time for clear-seeing and of wisdom. When the earth moves in towards herself, her invitation to us is the same.

Close your eyes to remember. See your way through what appears to be dark.

Now is the time to witness the liminal light. To honour your hopes and sanctify your vision. To burn with the eternal fires and lay illusion down. Loving ever-more deeply from your sacred heart.

Revel in the spaces less-known to you. Silence is a great teacher here. See through the veils with sincerity, make room for the cosmic unveiling of You.

Welcome curiosity and listen for the whispering songs. They call to you from way beneath the surface. Your roots are in the earth. Your ancestry brings us together.

Welcome this movement. It serves as a great remembrance for us all.

This time of year brings with it both a departure from the more obvious tendencies into the layers unseen. A brand new phase of connection is being born from within you.

Feel your way through these next few days. Do not assume anything. Go with your senses.

Extract the nectar of life’s blessings. It is all on the tip of your tongue. You are the wave of three graces. You are the matrix of three worlds. A cauldron of Soul. The stirrings of your ancestry hold this gate open for you. The veils are thin, you know. You feel them, moving from behind and from within.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The 13 Moon Oracle: A Journey Through the Archtypal Faces of the Divine Feminine.




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