Umbrella: Who Shall Be In Your Life? Who Shall You Be In Another’s?

By Whitney DeWitt


There will be many people in your life
Some will wait with you for the rain
Discussing where to find the best shelter
Or who has the slickest deal on raincoats
While others will simply hand you an umbrella
As they stroll past.

There will be some
Who will vanish like the fog
When the sun comes out
As if afraid the heat
May burn them.

Some will sit with you as you forecast the weather
And remain in place when the storms dissipate
Laughing with you
As you find rainbows amid the lingering clouds.

Some will hold your hand when the wind picks up
When the world starts to grumble complaints
And streaks flash across the sky
As if Zeus is lighting up the dark
His thunderbolt gleaming in the flickers.

They will tell you of your strength
Remind you of your courage
Argue you into agreement
With the idea of your magnificence.
They will cover you with their strength
And love
As the battle of nature
Rages on.
At times they’ll even be the ones
Holding the umbrella
As they hustle you to shelter.

Still others
Refuse to watch the storm
Or entertain the idea that life holds complications
But love to plop down with you
And chatter of past storms
While pretending there’s nothing building on the horizon.

Who shall be in your life?
Who shall you be in another’s?
And then go hold a damn umbrella.

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Whitney Dewitt

Whitney DeWitt is a Virginia based writer, though her poetry reflects her own deep southern roots. She's mostly known for her poignant wit and a modern style that simultaneously alludes to a forgotten time. Whitney has found her voice in poetry while writing her way through personal transformation, discovering that true beauty lies within the rubble. Her self appointed task is to show this truth to others. The rest of her time is spent wrangling two beautiful children and contemplating ways to battle her passive-aggressive peach tree.

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