Burning For My Truth: Initiation & The Transmuting Of Wounding

By Kimberly Hunter

Oh fucking fuckery. This is intense.

Just the other night, building up to the full moon energy, as I began to feel the flames lick at my feet, I asked myself something I had been considering for years:

Are you willing to burn for your truth?

And it brings back soul memories of when we were literally burned for it…

When our witch showed a little too much for someone’s comfort.
When our wild shocked someone.
When we healed ourselves and came out stronger.
When her oracle words came to fruition.

When goddess rose up as only she can and her face merged with ours momentarily for all to see.

This is the most I’ve personally ever shown to the world, herstorically in this life of mine. Actually, in all of my lives.

Bravery and primordial goddess energy from last week’s moon has now been replaced with my old urge to run and hide in my cave. Where it’s safe and no one can see me.

The witch. The priestess. The shaman. The wild woman. The healer. The seer. The oracle goddess. All the things we naturally embody as women. All the ancient archetypes that have been buried for so long.

I’m burning.
It’s hot.
It’s getting uncomfortable.
It fucking hurts.

I do want to run.
Back to where it’s safe.
Back to the comfy cycle,
that cocooned me for years.

Old friends who knew me as the little chubby faced kid running around or the good little wife to my ex with two boys. The family members who wonder what happened to sweet Kimberly Ann…

I feel them.

The moment I started talking about all of this opens a portal. It’s been flooding in ever since.

And, I feel a moment in our future timeline when women and men who step into their power and gifts won’t have to burn.

They will be celebrated.

… I know who I am.
I do.

This chalice I hold overflows.
Oh, fuck does it ever.

I hold so much, I have so much to give. It truly feels infinitely sourced.

I am grateful for all standing with me as I walk through this initiation.

I’m still burning.
It hurts.

The flames are pounding my skin,
searing my flesh.

I am going to allow this full moon energy to transmute this layer of wounding I’m shedding.

I am going to keep standing here,
tied to this stake.

I am going to allow the old tapes that are replaying and the heckling thoughts and feelings of others to wash over me.

I am going to feel it all.
I am willing to burn for my truth that has emerged.
There’s no going back.
Not this time.
Not anymore.

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