By Tanya Tiger

Reclaim Your Sovereignty — Rise & Be Seen

By Tanya Tiger

Rise & Be Seen (A Letter From ‘She of Many Names’)

Why do you hide, dear one? Who wounded you so deeply that you turn away, even from your own reflection? Don’t you know how deeply you are loved, to your very core and in every fiber of your being?

Don’t you know that I see you standing there, holding onto punishing thoughts of doubt and self-hatred, and I weep for you? Don’t you know that I can feel your pain course through my veins as if it were my own? Don’t you know how much I ache as your despair echoes through my body? Don’t you know how much I long to ease your suffering, if only you would let go and let me in?

Oh yes, my beloveds, I see and I hear you all.

Each tremor of heartbreak, each outcry of anguish, every hot wet tear that falls to the floor… I feel it all as if it were my own and reach for you, yet you turn from me. Still, I stay at your side.

You, the wounded, the bearers of pain, those who drown in oceans of your own tears… I see you and I hold you.

You, the ones who feel invisible, the “untouchables”, the crooked and broken things… I see you now, as you are, and you are perfect in your brokenness.

You, the ones who have been ravaged, mistreated, misled, and abused… I stand with you, anchoring you as rage threatens to carry you away on wings of vengeance.

You, the cynical, the injured hearts, the ones who struggle to find beauty in this world… I ache with you and shine a light through all your broken places to bring new hope where there is none.

Each of you, who look outside yourselves to find sanctuary, truth, and salvation… I beckon you to turn inward and see me here, within you.

There is nothing outside of yourself which can bring you peace until you recognise the divinity within your own Be-ing. It is here, within you, that your solace resides. It exists in the dark corners that you fear to tread, and in the brightest lights you deny exist. What you seek can only be found by turning inward. Once you are able to take that step, to meet yourself and be completely open, vulnerable, and accepting of every part of who you are, that is where you will find me and discover that we are one and the same… Me and Thee, Thee and Me. It is within this sacred union that true healing takes place and the purest form of love is born.

To see yourself the way you were meant to be seen… to know that you are a Being of Infinite Love and Holy Possibilities contained in human form. There is no other quite like you who has ever existed or will exist again.

You, my beloved, are the one who makes the world go round, who forms reality, and who creates the angels and demons in this lifetime. This time and place, right here and right now, has been foretold for eons…

A coming of a new generation of light workers who will usher in a new age of enlightenment and wisdom, who will surpass the need for physical greed and over-consumption of false comforts. It is now, with each breath, that you begin to shape the world around you. Your voice does matter. Your thoughts and feelings do matter. Your very existence matters and is vital to the substance of this planet and its people. All inhabitants of this world need you to be fully present, to stop distracting yourselves with the material… with excess… with media and popular culture… and by holding others’ opinions and beliefs above your own as if you were nothing and no one.

You ARE so much more than what you own or what you make or who you know. You ARE so much more than where you live or what you have believed or what deity you choose to follow. You ARE so much more than you realise and the time has come for each of you to wake up and see with new eyes, hear with new ears, and feel with new hearts and souls.

Times are changing and each soul needs to be ready to step fully into their role as change-agents. There is no more hiding… I see you… we see you! Step up… Rise up and reclaim your sovereignty.

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Tanya Tiger

Tanya Tiger is a creative and fiery soul who dreams of a world where everyone is free to be their authentic selves. She has been writing, drawing, sculpting and otherwise flexing her creative muscles since she was a child. She dances somewhere between optimism and “the real world”. Her heart is a vast ocean of emotions where her soul sets sail and rides the ever-changing highs and lows. She is married to her soulmate and is the mother of two daughters, one who lives on this earthly plane and the other who watches over from the “other side” (aka Heaven).

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  2. Tanya Markul

    So rich and powerful! Thank you, soul sister! You’ve ignited my heart! I’m howling with you! XOXO

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