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Are You A Witch? 7 Signs You Are In Your Own Wonderful Way


By Michele Mekel

“Are you a witch?” 

It’s a question I get asked frequently, if not timidly, by women I meet and those who are acquaintances.

My response? “Of course. And, clearly, you’re one, too. Right?”

That reply isn’t intended to be flippant. Not at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. It’s meant with complete and total honesty.

And, if the lady receiving this rejoinder doesn’t bolt off in a huff (which, unfortunately, is often the case), she’ll ask in a perplexed and urgent manner why I would say such a thing.

It’s simple, really:

Recognising the goddesses walking among us.

In asking the initial question, the inquiring women divulge that they perceive what sets me apart. They see me and my otherworldliness. They identify my independent and irrepressible spirit. They recognise my quirky viewpoints, crone wisdom, and take-no-crap attitude. They spot my unrestrained and inimitable outward self-expression. Most importantly, they pinpoint that I refuse to play small and that I own my unique magic.

And, through the mere act of seeing that spark in me, these inquisitive ladies reveal that they’re not only aware of magic but also that they carry their own special embers of enchantment —whether they’re willing to admit it or to wear it as openly as I do or not.

In a nutshell

It takes magic to appreciate magic.

Accepting our magic

And, indeed, there are many, many types of mystery and mysticism in the world that can make one witchy in her own wonderful way.

➵ 1. A witch is the wise woman who’s willing to plumb the depths of her inner knowingness and bring her intuitive insights back to the worldly realm.

➵ 2. A witch is the web weaver who’s willing to knit together community through her luminous strands of energy.

➵ 3. A witch is the creative sorceress who’s willing to craft her signature vision in a way that increases beauty on Earth plane.

➵ 4. A witch is an unwavering warrior who’s willing to face fear head on as she fights for what’s good and right.

➵ 5. A witch is a heart healer who’s willing to share the gifts of her soul to soothe and celebrate those in her circle of life.

➵ 6. A witch is a wild woman who’s willing to let her entire being radiate its truth without any filters.

➵ 7. A witch is any — and all — of this… and so much more.

And so I leave you with the question: “Are you a witch?”

I sincerely hope that your answer is resoundingly: “Of course.  And, clearly, you’re one, too. Right?”

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends Awakening Shakti: The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga.



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  2. Mary Ann Wildwood

    I love this message. Doesn’t the world need a few more witches to bring in some much-needed balance. Of course! Live it with pride. Thank you to Ms. Mekel for bringing it on. Great article.

    • Ms. Wildwood, overflowing gratitude for your comments on the article! Clearly, your answer to the question asked is a resounding yes. Shine those enchanted embers to light the way and fan the flames of your fabulousness!

  3. Tanya Markul

    Michele, THIS is wonderful. Powerful words & thank you for outing our magic! XO

    • Michele Mekel

      Tanya, waves of gratitude to you! We’ve got such an abundance of beautiful, powerful medicine. We just gotta’ trust it. It’s an honor to be able to share a little magic dust with the tribe!

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