By Caroline Miskenack WAKING WILD

Full Bloom Fire Energy: Become The Greatest, Bravest Version Of Yourself

by Caroline Miskenack

The fire within.
To know this feeling is to be yourself.

This burning passion, my darling, is purely for you and your precious growth. And oh, how you feel it down there, sitting like a rock at the bottom of the deep ocean, strong in the pit of your stomach, just waiting to be unleashed.

This is my promise: it will one day be ablaze, like the sun.

You try and dampen it. Shut it off. Turn it down, but it is there. Always. Like the hot molten lava bubbling relentlessly at the center of the earth. At your very core.

It is endlessly present, awaiting you to honour, trust and feel it, my child. She, this fire, has and will forever fuel you to become the greatest, bravest version of yourself. This is a fuel you cannot deny, one that belongs to that force you know and sense, but cannot place words to. The force that flows through your every vein, and cell, and thought.

It becomes your words, your breath, your love, and your hate — blessing those who cherish it and frightening those who distrust it.

I ask you, my dear, to hold its magnificence as it is not as painful as you might imagine. A sting may wake you in the night, but it is so worth the journey and the craziness, the heat and the bliss.

That pit you feel will one day become so immense and full that it can no longer be contained. You can choose to cover it, or attempt to contain it, but doing so will only cause pain and melt away at your being.

Bring it up and out, if only for a brief moment – show it to others in small pieces of truth as it is safe and sound there. Those little flecks that shine through will one day become an inferno, and you will be free and fully in your power.

For it is only in that full bloom energy where we can know what freedom truly means. Don’t be afraid of it. Love it. Worship it. Feed it your full attention. Feel it, and be with it. It may initially taste like blood and tears but over time, with honour, will sweeten.

It’s a dance between the burn and the beauty, just like the mid-summer sun that scorches this earth, yet gives life to all. It will come, yet it takes time and practice to learn how it works.

Not too much, but just enough — the art of balance.

Mastering the balance comes with time, dear one. The flame is there. Keep it going, and please love yourself along the way.

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Caroline Miskenack

Caroline is an aspiring writer, life-long learner, big dreamer, peace lover, designer, and registered nurse on a mission to contribute to the health, well-being, growth, and awakening of others. She is moved by raw expression through words, dance, art, nature, and design. She believes in a benevolent universe, and seeks to discover the light in all things obscured by darkness. Caroline holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, an Interior Design diploma, is a certified Jikiden Reiki practitioner, and a certified Whole Health Medicine Institute practitioner — training with Lissa Rankin, MD; Anne Davin, PhD; Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, and other major leaders in the research, teaching, and practice of mind-body healing. Follow Caroline on Instagram.

  1. beautiful words just what we need to hear I read this to my daughter.

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