Lunar Horoscope With Laura Larriva: See The Beauty Within The Heart Break

by Laura Larriva

On November 14th at 5:52 AM PST the moon in the sign of Taurus will be the closest it has been to Earth in 86 years. Rising at sunset tonight, the moon will appear 30% brighter and 14% bigger in the sky than usual. This full, radiant, and powerful moon comes just after a very tumultuous and controversial election here in the United States as if to remind us that our lives, fears, desires and needs are held in a network of relationships that include the wild Others — our moon, our ocean, our planet.

Now, more than ever, are we as planetary citizens called to remember our place in the ecological whole.

Now, more than ever, are we called to envision a world, a system of governance, and a new working myth that includes the totality of life here on Earth.

The force of this full supermoon is pulling strong on the tides, the tectonic plates, our physiological systems and on our energetic field. The question — whether we are speaking of the aftermath of the election (as one example of many such thresholds taking place all over the world), or in light of this extra powerful moon may be;

How will we choose to meet the moment? 
What kind of experience is mystery asking us to lean in to
How will we be shaped in saying YES to showing up? 

Full Moons are always time to see things in a different — perhaps brighter light. The sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, values and sensuality. Taurus is an earth sign, and as I sit here I am reminded of a commonly overlooked capability that I invite you all to be with as the moon draws nearer the earth — the particular way beauty — the creation and appreciation of beauty — can meet the complexities, fears, and unknowns of our lives. Beauty, as I understand it, is a capability that inspires efficiency, reflection, presence, and an artistic response.

As Michael Meade said on the tail of the election; “It is the job of the poets and the artists to address all the issues of the world,” and I am inclined to agree.

Unfortunately it has also been the role of the media to overlay images and associations on beauty that keep it too narrow for us to see its shaping power. Opposite the moon lies the sun in Scorpio — the sign most interested in the hidden power of things, their taboo, and their secret ways that inspire depth and irrevocable transformation. Taurus-Scorpio reminds us too that every death brings in new life, and crisis is a fertile moment of possibility.

What if our only task right now was to pull the rug back on true beauty? To make art? To dance our grief and our prayers? To arrange the flowers on our desks just so? …to bravely take in the stunning majesty of our planet, and the humanity of all the people on it, regardless of side?

I wonder if this full moon is asking us to let our hearts break, to enter the cracks, and to see the beauty there — to let what is dying to be born come through. And then, when we become as full as the moon herself, we just may have a better idea of where our No’s and our Yes’s are — we may know what we value, and what we desire, and how we might lean in right now… and we may, if we are lucky, hear the voice of the Muse that rises up from under to say;

Take heart, dear ones…let beauty be the guide that illumines your next step, and the next. Let beauty show you the way.

Featured image: Cadencia Photography

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