By Andrea Maxine Frade MOONS & STARS

Moon Wisdom Week Starting Nov 21: Wherever There Is A Yes, Say Yes Back

By Andrea Maxine Frade

It has been a trying time. Today the energy in you settles with the knowledge that the ground beneath your feet won’t fall away. There is a power much greater holding you.

For the time being, you are encouraged to focus on the bigger energies and the areas of your life that are supporting you. The unnecessary details of the news and social media portals can overwhelm, moving you off center quickly. Pay attention to when your mind becomes consumed by restless chatter. In moments like these, it is difficult for your heart to push through and meet you where you need it most.

You are emerging.

This unfolding holds the energy of the Moon card in the tarot. Ancestry is calling. It is our current responsibility to tend to the delicate understanding of what a universal heart means. While at the same time developing a durable sense of compassion for all involved.

Acknowledging that you are not alone and that the tasks at hand cannot be done on your own is paramount to how everything evolves. Take a few deep breaths. Something else is pushing through.

Chaos is the blueprint for change. This disorder (and outrage) is a precursor to turning points within the conscious mind. Certain belief structures are unstable, ideologies are falling apart, illusions are breaking so that spaciousness may yield a grander vision. The key here is to create the necessary space for awareness to lead you.

Yes, action is necessary, but perspective that sees beyond itself, beyond what’s immediately at stake, is very much needed. There is nothing more delicious to those that prey on fear than an anxious mind.

Step away from the hype. Breathe. Move. Connect. Be with the subtle bodies of emotion and intellect. Notice how these forms of attention and resource meet within you. Merge with your inner knowing. Expand your reach into others hearts by listening, observing, and setting clear intentions. Communicate effectively and in meaningful ways.

The wide range of collective needs are rooted within your own. The more you address the needs of your own body /\ mind the more you optimize your role within community. Acknowledge all the feelings and feel deeply while honouring what is real for you. Do not deny any facet of your Self. Welcome in the wisdom of your own presence. Listen. Follow the lines of energy. Wherever there is a yes, say yes back.

Receive. On every level.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The 13 Moon Oracle: A Journey Through the Archtypal Faces of the Divine Feminine.



  1. Tanya Markul

    So GORGEOUS! Thank you. I feel more like myself after reading this. XOXO

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