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Moon Wisdom Week Starting Nov 28: Principles Of The 13 Grandmothers

By Andrea Maxine Frade

The archer has her aim on something higher. There is a twinkle in her eye and as she looks above she hears a cacophony of sounds, not her own, but of angels. As their wings flap, incredible gusts of wind settle overhead, full of power, blowing her hair wild. 

This new moon energy holds the same amount of intensity as the tornado in the Wizard of Oz. “We’re not in Kansas anymore”, Dorothy says. And so you could say that yes there has been an erie settling into a poignant phenomenon we might call a paradigm shift. (Psst – Look up the cyclone clip from the Wizard of Oz.)

In these last weeks, you have been preparing for this. Letting go of thoughts and ideas that at one time or another might have sufficed. Yet, by now, it may already be clear to you that those ideas are attached to certain way of thinking. That thinking you were used to has now been dismissed. No matter whether you are caught up with the current events or still hiding under the covers, some part of you recognizes that your old ways of thinking cannot solve these new problems. A definitive shift in thinking (and even feeling) has arrived.

So what to do now?

Though it may seem counterintuitive, one of the most pro-active choices you have right now is to sit still and create the space within you for guidance to flow in and for rage to flow out. Yes, understandably it has been a terribly difficult time and remember its not over yet.

This dark moon is a time for purging. Allowing for old hopes to pass, to honor the losses and admit the space gained for reflection and for change. This is a time for release and (in some part) to let go of your rage. To nod at the part in of all of us that is saying: this shouldn’t be happening. Transmute your anger, string your bow for something higher. Transform the extra chaos in your mind into a space that will birth you anew.

Take time to soak your newly born skin in a hot sea salt bath, cleanse and open. Allow for toxins to be released. Allow is the key word here. Do not force this process. This is a powerful surrendering of what hasn’t been working for you into a direct acknowledgment of what is working and is powerful. For you and everyone connected to you.

What is happening on a very intimate level within you is also happening on a very wide-open scale. As an example you have the corporate greed openly displayed in the case of DAPL pouring out like a river of crude oil challenging the rage within each one of us who is naturally standing in defense of the  sacredness of our land and water. Pay attention too though if the fire within us burns too hot it is just as poisonous as the Black Snake itself. Remember this is a phase of purification and of re-direction. Creating an opening for illumination and new ways of thinking to flood the human consciousness. No one can hear anything if we’re only running around yelling at everyone else for the wrong doing. Stillness and listening yield the treasures of wisdom. Peaceful protest, yes, is the only way. Even if, at times, to our human eye it looks unbalanced, it has a power all unto its own.

The stronger and more unified the force of human presence is the more universal power can get behind it. Miracles happen when we believe in people. You must hold sacred ground in times like these. The old arguments of rationalizing it away, won’t work.

You must remain realistic and ever more attentive. While you fight together for these causes — clean water and basic human rights (among others) — you must you must you must continue to defend the sacred from within you. The principles of the 13 grandmothers will help guide you: Gratitude, Integrity, Wisdom, Balance, Family, Peace, Compassion, Diversity, Unity, Tenderness, Wonder, Justice, Co-Operation, Expression, Vision, beauty, Creativity.

Above all,
remember your source.
Remember your source.
Remember your source.

Your ancestry calls you now into a future unknown for the preservation of all. To unify, to stand together, to sing the songs of holy waters, holy land and holy people. Hold the boundary strong so that the life-force-energy can surge.

Remember: when one is wounded the whole is weak, when one is sick the whole is affected, when one is injured the whole will suffer. What is in the One, is in the Many.

Compassion must rise to reconcile violence, love will hold up the mirror to the face hatred and reveal a shattering wound. To heal Truth and Clear-Seeing must have a stalwart presence to persevere.

Whatever your cause,
stand your sacred ground.
Stand your sacred ground.
Stand your sacred ground.

And so it is. Amen. Aho. Blessed Be.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The 13 Moon Oracle: A Journey Through the Archtypal Faces of the Divine Feminine.




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