New Moon In Sagittarius: Unveil The Shadow Of Smallness & What Matters Most

By Laura Larriva

New Moon in Sagittarius: Tuesday, November 29th: 4:18AM PST

Part of what makes the human animal distinctly human is our search for meaning – so far as we know. Our inborn, instinctual and wild urge to go down to the bones of what matters most. 

Sagittarius is the seasonal sign that resonates with the withdrawal and continued release of nature in the northern hemisphere. Paradoxically, the more we allow ourselves to let go into the silence and dark spaces of the unknown, the more we naturally come to find, and anchor into what matters to us in a deep, deep way – what we stand for and how we love the world. In this way, the darker the moon, and the season, the more luminous the inner journey – the more expansive our lives become.

James Hollis puts in beautifully; “beyond the terror, the silence of these infinite spaces, lies the richness of one’s individual journey.”

This mysterious movement toward meaning in our lives is a natural, primal need – to understand ourselves in relationship with the biggest network of life possible is to turn toward the infinity of the cosmos and wonder how we can each make the most of our time while we’re here. 

And yet to do so would be to open ourselves up to questioning many things in our lives that may be working just fine. It may mean extracting ourselves from our dysfunctional social arrangements, perhaps temporarily, or perhaps permanently, to see the whole in a different light. It may mean unveiling a shadow that has kept us operating from a place of smallness, and fear. It may be facing an addiction that helps us to numb out the pain of the world…

This urge toward expansion and freedom is a developmental need. It is a foundational pattern in the cosmos that we too embody. Our universe is expanding as we speak – questing into unknown territory at an astounding speed. 

“What urgency calls you to your one love?” asks David Whyte.

What longing-pain evokes from you a fuller participation?

Today the new moon in Sagittarius invites us into our own quest for meaning. On the heels of the election here in the United States, with the tumultuous and heartbreaking, noble stand of the people at Standing Rock – in a world where Syrian refugees continue to be shut out and ignored, and on land whose intelligence and right-to-life is forgotten, we need to turn toward the longings that pull us toward fullness, wholeness, and ensouled leadership.

Let this new moon be a dark and silent space where, perhaps for the first time, you hear the soft, quiet, but urgent call of the soul that evokes from you, your part to play in the whole. 

This holiday season I ask: what matters most?

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