By Andrea Maxine Frade MOONS & STARS

Moon Wisdom Week Starting Dec 5: Grandmotherly Moon Message

By Andrea Maxine Frade

Tiny droplets of rain cascade across your brow.
You look up and see the Moon is crying sun kissed tears.
They fall to touch your face, gentle like snowflakes, as a feather descends from the sky.

Hope places itself within the tender palm of your hand.
Your third eye opens and catches a glimpse of the future marked by Dreams & Vision.
Your spirit is cast like a shooting star, shining down from a broken, cloudy sky.

As I opened the records today for this week’s Moon Wisdom the initial image struck my attention. The visual that immediately appeared was of my grandmother (who has passed on into the realm of spirit) preparing a bowl of her delicious oatmeal as she used to do when I was a child. I never understood what made something as ordinary as oatmeal so extraordinary, but her’s always tasted magical and it never failed to make me feel right at home.

When I think of it now, it was her true grandmotherly nature that made anything she touched so magical. In the vision she invites me to sit down at the kitchen table and says, “My Dear, You’ve been working so hard, have a seat and nourish your body with something warm.”

My grandmother’s presence in the reading today felt noteworthy, and as I sat a little longer with this image, I felt it came through as a message.

.  .  .

The shifts we’ve endured recently have been of gigantic proportion. With the influence of news and social media, our nervous systems have undergone a kind of shock. Proliferated fear streams through as if it were as normal as the weather report. If we pay attention that feeling of urgency is affecting us all. It is easy to feel isolated and separate when you are burning the candle at both ends.

Remember you’re learning up until this point has been to understand who you are in graceful ways.

In this quiet phase of the waxing crescent moon the chance here is to find some solace in addressing the heightened anxiety you might have been experiencing (either personally or impersonally) with care. Calmly root down into your capacity for self-soothing. Notice the ways in which you best take care of yourself while acknowledging how those in your world are teaching you about the principles you live by. Listen in. Know that as you refine your intuitive abilities your internal compass will guide you. Even in the dark you will see the way. Connect with what center feels like and every now and again take the time to put your feet up. Whether in the morning or evening try as best as you can to create space for the sacred. Create those moments throughout your day when you actually: Pause. Breathe. Listen. Quietly ask yourself, “How am I feeling?”

Now is a time to explore the spacious realm of being intimate with your Self. Tend to the fire of your heart gently. Keep it aflame by allowing others to see you. Hold yourself open to creative impulses and new ideas. Welcome others into the circle of creation as well. Remember the sweetness life offers. Then, as gently as you entered this place of awareness, proceed to carry on with your day. These simple contemplations will serve you well and prove to be revitalising on many levels.

Kindly watch your tendency to react strongly against something or someone and redirect your response from a sense of wholeness from within you.

If you are feeling disappointed, encourage yourself to see how it can be done differently next time. Without any attachment to the outcome. Leave right and wrong alone and create other options for acting powerfully from within. Notice the pressure you put on yourself there is no need for it most of the time. Pause and ask yourself “What is going on at a deeper level that I should not feel at home within my own heart?

Find the sensibility of compassion to heal. Choose what resonates with your heart, always.

We are constantly being guided even when we feel we have lost our way. Trust that you will know when you have veered slightly off course. And when you do lovingly call yourself back home. Come back to what is deeply interwoven on a soul level. This is a time for self-love, to develop the gentle and caring ways that never fail to bring you back home inside. Return to the nurturing space of belonging from within. You are always more beautiful when you do.

You will be amazed at the ease with which you will carry on. Keep going. Trust the process.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The 13 Moon Oracle: A Journey Through the Archtypal Faces of the Divine Feminine.



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