By Sophie Gregoire HOLY FIRE

Sagittarius Energy Rising: Spiritual Seekers, Your Time Is Now

By Sophie Gregoire

Dear Warriors & Wild Ones:

The Sagittarius energy has just clicked in the sky, and as the year comes to completion, it’s playing its last notes. The end of the tunnel is coming, and I can tell you, it’s full of light.

During December, energy will start to lift us up right before we take important leaps for more joy in 2017.

Our time has come, and more than ever, our liberation will be found by living in the now, following our intuition, and doing what we feel drawn to at any time.

Excitement is in the air! This is the call of the Sagittarius energy — wise but bold, fun but spiritual, profoundly optimist and sunny. Can you feel it?

Now that the heavy work is almost done, we can both dream again of the new life we’ve been longing for so long, and stop justifying ourselves to the ones that haven’t understood.

Or if we need to, we’ll use these words: no more shame, Warriors, this is our time.

Why have we been changing? Why have we felt lost or unsettled at times?

It’s because we’re on the Spiritual path — we’ve decided that our life would be a quest for the extraordinary, a wild race in the name of joy, a marathon for the conquest of truth.

It all started when we awakened and decided to step away from the stories that had been written by other people — but yet felt imposed on us.

We could sense that our truth was different, that life had too many colours to only be that — so we decided that we would fight for it, no matter what.

We chose to not settle for less than the extraordinary. We want butterflies and goosebumps — what truly feels right, and what really set ourselves on fire. The unique sacred lover, the most real connection — body, heart, and soul.

We wanted more in this life than what most accept, without even questioning, what they agreed to be part of, even if they or others got hurt.

We had decided that we would either take it or move out, we would either feel truly aligned or quit. And we gave up complaining about situations we were doing nothing to change, including ourselves. Above all we wanted something bigger, the dismantling of the fake and all the lies. We wanted meaning. We craved for purpose.

So we’ve taken a leap and took the road less traveled — the road back to ourselves.

But that’s where it all started, actually. When we entered the winding road of enlightenment, we started to change our minds often and to experience anything that we felt drawn to, projects, places, and identities.

Why? Because this is how we discover if it’s right.

 “We must have adventures in order to know where we truly belong.”

The soul’s growth and expansion unfolds by discovering things and activities that we feel drawn to, which happens by experiencing in order to see how these feel when we actually do them. This is how we decide what feels right or wrong, what should stay on board and what shouldn’t.

We were never truly interested in finding the right thing or the right solution, but the path of discovery itself.

Wild Ones, we’re about to be rewarded for the work, the efforts and our commitment to the truth. The path has sometimes been rough, but I can tell you that everything has happened as it should.

Every adventure, even the ones that ended up to be painful, wrong or inadequate — were important and irreplaceable parts of the process. We needed all of what happened to get where we’re now. Each stone, each brick of our own foundation, each digression on the way was both inevitable and necessary. All of our steps were meant to be and have led us exactly where we were meant to go.

We’ve been wanderers of ideas, of countries, smiles and oceans — but if we look back on these last months and years, the truth is there is nothing to regret.

This is the gift of spiritual seekers. We always do what we feel and pursue the desires of our wild hearts — that’s why it’s impossible to take the “wrong” way.

But to explore, we’ve needed the right conditions. It will be the same now. So, how do we move forward? We need to feel free enough to live in the now.

“Traveler, there is no path. The path must be forged as you walk.”
~Antonio Machado

We find true joy when we know that we’re free to do anything that we feel guided or compelled to do, in every instant.

We unveil our true essence by living in the now. That’s how we get closer to who we truly are. If in every moment we do what our hearts want, we can’t end up in the wrong place. We can’t see what’s ahead, but the words and energy that constantly rise from within and guide our steps simply can’t lead us astray.

We rise by living in the flow because it’s incredibly intelligent — it knows how to take us to the best experiences, situations and heart’s matches at any given time. We grow by allowing the voice within to speak, by following and implementing what it says.

We thrive in the void, in the absence of schedule. We find ourselves when we’re free from the heaviness of commitments when we feel allowed to move in whatever direction we feel drawn to — when anything could happen.

Our joy is found by surrendering.

We were never meant to plan so much, forecast, control or decide, in advance, what our lives should be or who we wanted to become — we simply become by living, brush stroke, after brush stroke.

How old are we? A million years at least! We’re old souls.

Who are we, if someone asks? We’re spiritual seekers. This is our identity, Warriors! We’re gold diggers, masters of inner work and independent creators of our own templates. This is who we are, and this is how we move forward. Go ahead, Wild Hearts, this is our time!

We now have such a beautiful, dynamic and supportive energy surrounding us — we’re getting closer to the perfect time to take action, and build the life we’ve been waiting for.

All the past and present work is about to be rewarded, I can feel it.



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