Honouring My Inner Persephone As I Transition From Maiden To Matron

By Elle North

Saturday morning it happened.

I had been waiting in anticipation for about 10 years now to discover my first grey hair. In my early 20’s, my best friend and college roommate found some stray grey hairs, and while she was a bit dismissive of it, I was so excited for her and the symbolism of the transition that was happening within her Crown space.

I remember asking her to look through my own hair to see if any grey strands had manifested for me, but it was not time for them to make themselves known.

In my mid-20’s, my mother mentioned that I was around the age she was when she found her first grey hairs. I asked my then-boyfriend-now-husband to check my mane again – and while we found some grey hairs on him, none had shown up for me yet.

And since then, a couple of times a year, I ask my husband to check my hair. To comb through my Crown Chakra and seek out signs of transition.

As you can tell, I’ve been pretty excited for this moment.

My husband checked me for grey hair about a month ago, and none had arrived yet.

But then, interestingly, last week I started to feel a deep shift within me — a desire that I had been feeling for about a year now but hadn’t been able to put into words until that point — a state of readiness to transition from the Maiden phase of the Goddess that I am currently in towards the Matron/Mother phase. I feel ready to stand with a sense of awakened and potent confidence, to find a deep sense of abundance within my own being. I feel ready to utilise the knowledge I have been gathering and share it with a wider community, and to feel fulfilled with the way in which I lead my life. It feels time to fully stand in my power, to fully nurture others with my inherent gifts.

When I realised that this was all calling forth a desire to transition to the Matron, I felt a deep sense of resonance wash over me. It felt like it was time to honour this transition with ceremony, and so I made a mental note to celebrate this transition in early 2017.

In concert with this desire, as though my hair follicles and Crown Chakra were nodding in agreement, just a few days later, my husband was looking at me one morning and then suddenly asked me to come into the light. And then, he brought me to the mirror and showed me — not one, but two, grey hairs, sticking up with pride, right in the forefront of my hairline.

My sisters, I cannot tell you how excited I was. I literally jumped up and down and squealed with joy.

I am utterly fascinated by cycles — the Wheel of the Year, the way the constellations shift in the sky, the waxing and waning of the moon, tracking my own menstrual cycle, and also the cycles of one’s life.

I will play with honouring my inner Persephone, my own journeys as a Maiden into the Underworld, and look forward towards a transition to Demeter and Parvati, abundant mothers of Shakti and Initiation.

I will call forth Kali, Goddess of Cycles and Time.

I will meditate with the Empress and her deep wisdom.

I will explore my chakras and call forth the elements.

I will honour my inner creatrix, my inner Mother, through art and painting.

I will vision for how I desire to hold myself as a Matron, and create a prayer for her. I will honour my own creativity.

I will witness how I can nourish myself.

I will offer gratitude and thanks.

I truly believe in the power of ceremony, in honouring these transitions, whether they are big or small. To see these moments in life as portals of initiation helps us to find deep awareness within our lives.

What small shifts and changes that are happening within your life can you celebrate with ceremony? Whether you have made a new commitment to yourself, had a change in a relationship, stepped into a new phase of your life, made an important decision, moved into a new home, or desire to honour the upcoming Winter Solstice and New Year…I’d love to know how you are celebrating these cycles with ritual and ceremony.

Under the light of the moon, I make my way to my altar, to celebrate.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends Women Who Run with the Wolves.


Elle North


Elle is an intuitive mystic, spiritual teacher, and inspired graphic designer. Elle is also a Temple Priestess for A School for the High Priestess here, a training program in the arts of mystery, magic, and sacred rites of passage that she co-created with Sora Surya No. As a Reiki Master who combines knowledge of Tarot, intuition, meditation, yoga, and crystals, Elle creates unique offerings + courses for soul-seekers. Elle's work is to empower others to connect to their inner wisdom. An alchemist at heart, Elle thrives in a space where things are sacred and full of ritual. She believes transformation can occur when we move the unconscious to the conscious; the inner world to the outer world. Discover more about Elle at Drawing Within here and Drawing Within Design here.

  1. I feel the pull but don’t knowhow to get there help

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