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The Awe & Rapture Of The Muse: Medicine For The Artist’s Soul

By Caroline Miskenack

Muse: Medicine for the Artist’s Soul 

The feeling began again as we stepped into each other’s worlds, yours so full mystery and mine so eager to know you. To capture your essence is to breathe life. The way your hair glistens in the golden light of the sun. The way you dance, through the fields seemingly with butterfly wings. The way you hold your breath, unsure and sometimes ragged. The glow behind your eyes trying to tell me a story, the furrowed brow holding longings unmet. The way we fold into each other like layers of mist on a late autumn day, soft and unrestrained. And there was everything. Nature. Shifts. Magic. Wonder. Who are you? What are you? How can you be such a sight of beauty, and yet so unforgivingly wild?

The secrets you carry call me to face my own, and so it here that I surrender. I melt into this place of rapture, mesmerised by the way you float like an angel – the way you breathe life into me; a feeling otherwise hard to capture. The sway of your hips and pulsing of your heart, I have felt for lifetimes. I have never been able to shake this feeling of hunger and desire to be with you for eternity.

For this long, I’ve dreamed of a road taking us to places unknown. A ghost highway yet to be discovered. Excitement so palpable, venturing and holding each other in the sacredness of the gap between here and there. The road beneath appearing with effortless ease, and on it we will dance upon dust and stone. The scent of sweet sage will bless our hearts, giving us the desire to know more. More curiosity. More wanting to find the hidden gems buried deep beneath the layers of earth, echoing the layers of you that peel away like the sun from the horizon, falling into a quiet night sky.

And your walls and layers will be there and open for the taking. And we’ll capture them in clear photographs for all to know and see. I hope you feel lighter as I take them away for you, only to shine flaming light on them, burning them like love notes not wanting to be discovered. They are no longer. Gone into the sky to become part of the wind that carries our hopes and dreams, and leads us down that ghost highway I’ve held in my imagination for so long.

Now with glimpses of quiet places slowly revealing themselves, yet still blurred, the only thing I can do is lay and envision where we’re being led. And we go together, down this barren path, seeking to find the answers, even when the road is long and narrow or winding and convoluted.

And so we take a chance and run as if tomorrow will never come, chasing our dreams without hesitation. Moving swiftly, like hungry wolves pursuing prey. We are ravenous for the possibilities that feed us, tasting them without ever having them touch our lips, as they have always rested upon our tongues and called to us from the mountains, the oceans, and the forests. Come closer they say. Keep running, even if you must stop and rest for a while. Catch your breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel your pulse begin to soften, brush the sweat from your brow, stand up and move. Move towards us again, and keep on.

We run until the night opens to the universe and I can feel your eyes, and for a moment the earth stops and I fall into the abyss. I hold my breath for a while, in awe of what is shown before me. This human landscape of the divine. I float and spin, held by the stars. For it is here where I can just be free to feel and reflect and dream. We are together in harmony, the rhythms of each other forever sustained by the necessity of us. We cannot be separated for we are meant to be moving in unison, always, even when apart. Your breathtaking beauty is medicine I can turn to always, for it is here in the darkness there is you, and there is always a road leading to our horizon.

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Urania The Muse of Astronomy & Philosophy by Emily Balivet.

Urania, The Muse of Astronomy & Philosophy by Emily Balivet.


Caroline Miskenack

Caroline is an aspiring writer, life-long learner, big dreamer, peace lover, designer, and registered nurse on a mission to contribute to the health, well-being, growth, and awakening of others. She is moved by raw expression through words, dance, art, nature, and design. She believes in a benevolent universe, and seeks to discover the light in all things obscured by darkness. Caroline holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, an Interior Design diploma, is a certified Jikiden Reiki practitioner, and a certified Whole Health Medicine Institute practitioner — training with Lissa Rankin, MD; Anne Davin, PhD; Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, and other major leaders in the research, teaching, and practice of mind-body healing. Follow Caroline on Instagram.

  1. This one of the most beautiful pieces on Soul Love I’ve ever read… Thank you so much for sharing…

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