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Winter Solstice & Yuletide Medicine For The Rootless Witch

Howl for Me, Wolf-Woman!
with Danielle Dulsky & The Urban Howl

Howl for me, Wolf Woman!

Lately I’ve been feeling so chaotic. I’m hyper-ultra-sensitive already, but I’ve never felt more ungrounded. I feel like I can’t handle a lot right now, and some days it feels hard to “think”. I’m not feeling depressed or down, but overwhelmed with ‘energy’. I hope this makes sense.

Astrid, Sweden

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Dearest Astrid,

Your sense of rootlessness right now, as the 13th moon wanes, absolutely makes perfect sense. This is the holy feminine’s time to feel lost, and what you describe as being “overwhelmed with energy” is the dominance of the Crone archetype in early Winter. While we are socially conditioned to resist the stillness and mystery toward which these darkest days beckon us, the Old One within us will neither be tamed nor suppressed.

At mid-Winter, usually under February’s Quickening Moon, the inner Maiden awakens, causing a shift toward active manifestation and sensuality. This Crone-to-Maiden shift moves subtle energy from the upper, ethereal chakras downward toward the lower chakras that ground you. Until this shift occurs, however, the feminine does feel incredibly rootless because of the energetic concentration in the upper third-eye and crown chakras.

Your third-eye and crown chakras are your centers of psychic reception, dream-visions, spiritual and religious beliefs, and divine connection. This is where the Crone resides. Because the third-eye is physically the pineal gland which is a regulator of melatonin, a key chemical in psychic receptivity which is produced in greater quantities during the Winter months due to the longer, darker days, I would venture to say that living so far Northward in Sweden could cause an even greater Crone-dominance around the Winter Solstice.

The medicine I have for you is brewed from three ingredients; these are root-connection, psychic shielding, and a fierce proclamation of your right to be the Still Woman.

If you start to feel ungrounded, which, for me, feels like a heavy third-eye throb and a general out-of-body sensation, pull your consciousness down to your root chakra by moving through these steps: Stand, bare feet firm on ground, and bend your knees very slightly. Lift up all ten toes and root down through your big toe mound, little toe mound, and heel (this is padabandha in yoga). Now, straighten your legs, lift your knee-caps and the front of the legs. Feel your connective tissues and skin wrapping around the bones in your leg and pelvis, lift your pelvic floor upward, and breath. With every inhale, pull your thinking mind down through third-eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, and sacral center. Visualize a buzzy energy ball from the upper chakras spiraling down and through your energy centers until it comes to rest at the red, primal root chakra. Try to see your root chakra now, an energetic sphere at the base of your spine, and, this may seem strange, but ask your root chakra what it needs from you right now. You may receive a word or an image which will offer you a clue as to how to best nourish the root, muladhara, at this time.

Other practical methods for nourishing the root include spending time out of doors, touching tree bark, and eating hearty foods. Wearing earthy essential oils such as vetiver, burning cedar and pine, and sleeping with a raw garnet under your pillow may also offer you some root support.

If you feel you are being inundated with the energy of others, however, psychic shielding is a better medicine. To practice this invaluable skill, visualize the outer edge of your aura as having a thick, crystalline shell that is semi-permeable. You can push anything you like out, but only energies that have your permission can come inside your shield. Your inner Crone is already highly skilled at energetic boundary creation; it is our social conditioning that has clouded our memories of such magick.

Finally, the wild woman in Winter must proclaim her right to be the Still Woman. While our inner Maidens, those deep, emotional, and sensual parts of ourselves, and our inner Mothers, those high-fire generators of sacred work and unconditional compassion, are comparatively acceptable in our patriarchal world, our inner Crones have been historically shunned. Dismantle the indoctrinated beliefs you have about non-doing and not-knowing, and you are honoring your inner wise woman who is content to rest in the void and simply be.

I believe that every wild woman is skilled at the art of personal energy management, but there is a necessary surrender to our cyclical energy flows that, when absent, creates much resistance. Cast your boundaries strong, my love, but trust that your inner Crone deserves this time; she has earned it, after all. Hear her calling you into the dark with a sultry howl, and ask for her triple-eyed guidance.

Stay open to the possibility that you are undergoing some great, psychic awakening, but also know that such abilities do move in cycles. I know, quite well, that intense psychic experiences that go on for days at a time feel as if they will never end, but, I can tell you with confidence, they usually are not overwhelming for very long. Your body and psyche adjust, and you learn to manage the energetic flows.

Take solace in your lower chakras when you must. Eat, dance, make love, and lie on the frozen ground. These are the holy days of the Winter Witch, and we are effectively birthing a whole world into being; this weighted work demands we rest when we can, my sister. I recommend reading Where Science and Magic Meet by Serena Roney-Dougal for more information on the relationship between psychic ability, melatonin, and darkness.

I will light a candle for you this Solstice night, dearest.

Many Yuletide howls to you,

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