New Moon In Capricorn: Great Magic Asks Us To Be In Right Timing

By Laura Larriva

Wednesday, December 28 : 10:53PM PST

This new moon takes place in the sign of Capricorn where the Builder of us meets to the one who anchors us into the earth – the core of of our own integrity, authenticity and purpose.

The sea-goat is the Capricorn glyph – part mountain goat who methodically and meticulously climbs the mountain of achievement – and part whale whose tail swirls into the watery depths of soul as if to remind us that quality of what we create is determined by our ability to listen to the still, small voice within.

In historic pan-european cultures Halloween, or Samhain in Gaelic was the final harvest festival. The day after was historically celebrated as the New Year. The Winter Solstice which occurred when the sun entered the sign of Capricorn, took place this year of December 21st in the northern hemisphere. This too could be engaged with as a kind of New Year, whose ancient symbolism including the birth of the light in the heart of darkness, bringing hope and life for the year to come.

Similar archetypal energies exist for this New Moon in Capricorn. New moons are times to seed the intentions for the cycle to come. In the sign of Capricorn there is extra emphasis placed on both the depth of our integrity, and the structures – visible or invisible – that we create. I often remember that everything we see once lived out unseen…whether that be in our imaginations or our strategic minds or in the dreaming of Gaia. This is a time of great magic, and great magic asks us to be in right timing.

This new moon, tend to your intentions for the lunar and solar cycle to come.

May the rhythms of Gaia carry the gifts that are yours to offer forward in a generative way. May the waxing light of the sun and the moon remind you that quite possibly our one great task is to open ourselves – to let the world in, and to participate as creators and artists in its elegant unfolding.



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