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A 2017 Blessing To Be Wild & Free — A Letter To The Goddess Within Me

By Angela Felzmann

I bid farewell to 2016, year of the number nine. The lessons I learned were in acceptance, grieving and bidding farewell to those things that no longer serve me. I release you to the universe and welcome in continued growth, and wish all things well for 2017, year of the number one. May we all be gifted with renewal, strength and insight.

To my inner goddess, go wildly, with passion and freedom into this world of light that comes.

Dear me,

I have not written to you, noticed you or acknowledged you for a very, very, long time. Twenty some odd years at least and the last words were not kind or generous or loving. So today, I come, with renewed perspective, a different representation of what was so long ago. To the here and the now. To the present, the foremost and the important. To you, to me, I write to comfort and sooth and welcome you home. Listen to me now…your incantation is calling.

Come close to me, you freed soul. A new dawn begins. The storm is clearing. Curses have been lifted. Spells and krafts of goodness and might cast about. The Priestess she beckons and the Goddess she waits. The dragons have protected. The gargoyles have guarded. The wizards riding free and the fairies dance in the open, earthy air. They all wait for you and remain forever… on your journey, always keeping lookout… but travel over, above, beside and with you now. Safekeeping for always and always in good company, your creatures will keep you safe. In the skies, on the lands, in the waters, buried deep within the sand. Guard, protect… for you to be. Fallen no more.

Anchors released, rise and rise and rise to the heavens for your breath. The shackles are gone. Tethered no longer. The imprisoned set free, your body is free. Movement. Feeling. Free. Breathe deep the relief. Breathe deep the glory. Breathe in the triumph. Breathe yourself to life, to live. Breathe. Free.

No more to be hidden. No more to fear. Pain subsiding. The hurt dissipates. The self begins to regenerate.

Ready to go.
Ready to move.
Ready to be soar.
Ready to explore the adventures that await.

Your heart once shattered, has gathered in the broken. Thump, it beats. Weakened. Fragile. Damaged. Thump. Thump. Your heart sustained. It needs healing. Thump! Electrified. Your heart, it pounds once again. Jagged pieces fit. Together at last. Imperfect.

The nine, it comes to clear the path. The path to a field, overflowing with wild flowers. Abundance. And colors. And fresh. And natural beauty.

The nine, it comes to cleanse. The scattered, the strewn, the unreasonable, and the impossible. The ghosts of the past and the struggles and the chaos. Renewed. Rebirthed. Unscathed. Assured. Knowing and pure. The raw.

The nine, it comes to awaken. Shake off your slumber. Propel ahead. Onwards. Upwards. Forwards. Powerful and strong. Mayhem has been defeated. And in the quiet of the battle, freedom reigns.

Surrender yourself to begin again. Wiser. Braver. Insightful. Humbled. Honest and true. Open yourself to accept. To invite in. The good, the hope, the light. In mind, body, spirit and soul. Embrace the new. The unknown. The challenge. The risk. And venture forth. Boldly. In Trust.

Claim your being. Your existence. Own your mystery and exert your sultry. Ignite your passion with all that compels you. Let it draw you out. It is who you are, what you stand for. Let it escape and smolder.  In you, from you, through you. Embody your virtue and value. Find your voice and preach it loudly. Proudly. Speak your truths. Hold steadfast and true. Proceed with caution. Seek shelter when needed. Remain open to possibility and for chance in life, to live and be free.

This I gift to you, love from me. To you. My wild heart. Goddess within. Blessed be.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment.



Angela Felzmann

I am a witch in learning and yearning. I am me, just a simple woman. Trying to heal forwards with awareness, peace and growth. Social worker by day and avid student of life and empowerment by night. I have recently discovered the gift of writing and expression and intend to move fully forward with this into the new year. A rebel, a black sheep, outspoken and raw. Going against the grain of all that we “should be”. Full of grace and fuck you spirit. I am out to shake up this world a little. With my truths and honesty. Won’t you join me?

  1. Kimberly Hunter

    Angela, all of this. I’m so freaking proud of you Woman. YEEEEEES!

  2. Tanya Markul

    GORGEOUS! Thank you for being here! Aho, sister! XOXO

    • Angela Felzmann

      Tanya…thank you so much for accepting my submission! there will be more for you…count on it!!!

  3. Angela Felzmann

    Kimberly ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Nancy Elena

    Beautiful! So glad to have this glimpse of you here.

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