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{Animal Guide} The Woodpecker — Stop Banging Your Head & Reshape Your Mind Instead

By Dilshad Mehta

The Woodpecker Generation: Lesson One

This is series of lessons from the woodpecker to you. There is no better symbol for the attitude that needs to be adopted by our millennial generation and the generation following. Invite this bird to come drumming into your life.

The economic challenges we face, the plethora of conflicting expectations and the anguish we feel, seemingly out of nowhere – these are the wounds of our generation. The advent of a new consciousness – the information at our fingertips, the world becoming smaller and technology that is borderline magic are the unique blessings of our generation.

It’s these blessings that make healing our wounds even more urgent. This delightful urgency is our generational trademark.

Now more than ever before we can rise and create on a massive scale. Show up! Show up! Show up! But how can we show up?

Welcome the woodpecker in your life while you go through this time (particularly if you suspect you’re going through a quarter-life crisis). Especially if you’re questioning everything. Specifically if you’re beginning to want so much more out of life.

Woodpecker, we welcome you!

Woodpecker’s first lesson – “Your head must be in service”.

You know the woodpecker by its pecking sound. But, let’s look a little deeper. Why doesn’t the woodpecker get an aneurysm, internal bleeding, or even a headache?

Turns out, its whole brain and skull structure are designed to support its vigorous pecking activity. The woodpecker asks you to do the same.

Is the woodpecker is asking you to redesign your skull and brain to support your desires? Yes. Precisely.

We are a blessed generation, but old wounds of conditioning (among other things) keep interfering. Let’s keep them at bay, with a strong foundation for a mind, so we may benefit from these blessings.

Before your head is in service, it must know these 3 truths:

First, your human brain and mind is constantly adapting and changing. This means you can always change. There is always hope, if there is grit and willingness to accompany it.

Second, your mind needs tending to. You must not ignore your mind. Take an interest in its chatter.

Third, there are ways to tend to your mind. It might take you a while to find the way that best suits you, but don’t give up until you’ve found it. Some people find it in keeping a diary, others with meditation, etc. The ways might even change over time, possibly even every day.

Accept the practice and its fluidity.

Examples of heads in service and heads not in service:

The key is to use your head. Don’t let it abuse you. The woodpecker asks you to let your head, your mind and your intellect be in service of your desires.

Let’s look at an example.

Examples of your head abusing you: “I can’t do this”, “It’s not possible”, “Why would I bother?”, “It’s all pointless”, etc.

Examples of your head serving you: “I can find evidence for the exact opposite of the thoughts I mentioned above. So how true were the thoughts above? Let’s move forward.” Or, “Oh, I can’t do this because I don’t think I have the time. Let me see how I can make the time.”

Here’s another example – Let’s say you want to write, a mind trying to be the master says (screams) “You suck“. A mind in service says – “Ooh, I see I’m scared because I think I suck at writing. Specifically, my grammar has always been poor. I’m going to research this topic online, and maybe even get someone to proofread my work”.

Woodpecker’s Parting Words:

“Do you see how you must train your mind? Do you see the difference in support versus blame? In judgement versus understanding?

Be kind to yourself. Support yourself. During your lifetime you may receive much roughness from the world, but you must always be in service to yourself.

Your desires matter. Your desires are sacred. Remember my “woodpeckery” brain when you desire something – ALWAYS IN SERVICE.

Drum drum drum, until our next lesson, my love!

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    I LOVE this so much! Thank you for being here! I can’t wait for more! XOXO

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