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The Hand-Crafted 2017: Wild Resolutions Before The Quickening

Howl for Me, Wolf-Woman!
with Danielle Dulsky & The Urban Howl

The Hand-Crafted 2017: Wild Resolutions Before The Quickening

Howl for me, Wolf Woman!

Dear Wolf-Woman, The New Year has just begun and I’m afraid of making a New Year’s resolution because I’ve failed so many times in the past. I really want to set a goal and achieve it this year, but I don’t know how to start so that I can follow-through. Can you help me?


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Dearest Ania,

Yes, New Year’s resolutions can certainly have negative implications, with many wild women far better at keeping promises to others than they are at keeping promises to themselves; this is not because of weak-will or an inability to commit but, rather, because they do not authentically value their promise. I love David Whyte’s poem “All the True Vows;” he speaks about making a promise “it will kill you to break,” and I believe the best resolutions are those that mean so much to you the very thought of breaking them nearly breaks YOU.

Undergird your resolve with your most authentic convictions and deepest beliefs. Let your soul- that is that deep, raw, red part of you that is entirely unique, reflected within your purest passions and most painful wounds, and often obscured by both the golden light of ego and white-violet light of spirit- design your resolution for you. Let your resolution be a ReVolution of Soul through which you become a more authentic version of you, and you will be sure to be true to your holy self.

Mind you, we often have to dig deep in order to distinguish between our soulful values and those with which we have been indoctrinated.

I have some medicine for you in this regard, and I call it the Lakshmi Seed Civilization exercise. Begin by considering this scenario: The world is ending in one year by way of some inevitable, apocalyptic event. The powers-that-be have asked you to gift your legacy to a “seed civilization,” an underground community populated by a few select beings that will, in effect, be the birthplace of humankind’s future. What will you leave them? Remember, you have a full year to create it, and you have any and all resources you need. It can be a system of thought, a spiritual philosophy, an invention, a novel, ten novels, a series of paintings, a garden; the possibilities are endless! If you had no limitations and only one year to create your legacy, what would it be?

Now, my love, ask yourself this: Why is this majestic thing your legacy? What is the meaning behind and beneath it? It is not necessarily the physical manifestation of your sacred work that holds the clues to your purpose; it is the values lying beneath that physical manifestation. Not to limit you in any way, but common values among wild women are sustainability, nature, creative work, beauty, freedom, choice, compassion, sensuality, sacred relationship, story-telling, intuition, magick, sisterhood, communing with spirit, and truth. Harvest what means most to you then use that knowledge to both shape your resolution AND as a resource for seeing that soulful promise to fruition.

Make a list of your truest values and embody as many of those as possible in your hand-crafted 2017. Just as importantly, cut out any values that belong to someone else. For instance, if I were to superficially verbalize a goal of making ten million dollars and buying a mansion in a tropical place by the end of this year, I would not do it because neither of those things mean anything to me; this is someone else’s dream. This is perhaps what someone else told me I should want, but none of my values are embodied in that vision. In the absence of authentic, values-based fuel for manifesting even the best-laid plans, the soul becomes bored. Conversely, when the soul feels passionate about something, there will be no stopping you.

All of that said, there is one caveat; another reason resolutions often fail is because they are contextualized within our linear-time-based reality. Our New Year’s Day usually falls under the Long Night’s Moon cycle, as it did this year. Early Winter is not a high manifestation time. All of nature still sleeps, and the feminine is craving stillness and sanctuary. We have very little natural fire with which to work, and the Crone within us is telling us to use this time not for doing but for BEING.

My recommendation is to not commit to any manifesting work or vision board creating until Imbolc, February 2nd in the Northern Hemisphere. Use early Winter to hone your night vision and look for cosmic hints as to where the next leg of your journey will take you. Read your oracle cards, if it is in your practice. Ask for dreams. Commune with your spirit guides when you are on the cusp of sleep. Spend time alone and in dim light. Drink tea in complete silence. Stare at the moon and let your gaze go soft. These are the Crone’s practices, and they will serve you well now.

Remember that a vision created too early is more limiting than it is liberating, and your resolution should make you feel less tamed and more free than you feel without it; this is the true test.

Does your resolution affirm your wild? Does it honor your soulful gifts as you knew them to be when you were a child?

Spend these next weeks letting your inner Crone speak to you, then develop a clear vision under the Wolf and Quickening Moon cycles in February and March; this is when the Creatrix will truly begin to spark within your belly. The Maiden awakens. The seeds sprout. Your soul affirms loudly and often its purpose; when you know it, howl it moonward with all the resolve you have.

I am howling with you, forever and always,

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"You did not will it to happen, but it happened just the same. Now, in the brightly lit place where all is unfamiliar, you must give yourself a new name. You are no longer the woman who was betrayed; you are a more soulfully awake version of her. I want to assure you that when I speak of your own growth in the aftermath of this great wounding, I am in no way absolving those who hurt you nor am I suggesting you somehow set yourself up for harm. Without knowing the precise nature of your betrayal, I will still stand by this: Those who commit egregious betrayals against others do so from a childlike, ego-born desire to dominate, to enact power over their fellow human beings, and that thirst for dominance is socially indoctrinated and culturally validated in our feminine-starved world." —Danielle Dulsky of Danielle Dulsky #HOWLFORMEWOLFWOMAN #WAKINGWILD #BETRAYALRITUAL Submit questions to our Weekly Column — Howl for Me, Wolf-Woman: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @tanyamarkul @thugunicorn Read more:



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