Love: Cross Your Courageous Ass Over The Threshold

By Shannon Crossman

Love’s Circus — Do You Dare Enter?

Step right up and see Love at work here. The price of admission you ask? Only your vulnerability – the willingness to fall face first onto the pavement in front of thousands. Can you handle it? Are you strong enough?

Love is not for sissies… She holds no punches in the arena.

You will be pummeled. And oh, you will be adored too. Caressed to the point of aching. Held in a grasp so strong that Safe beats a happy tattoo in your heart. And you never want to move again.

Will you make the investment? Ride the highs? Risk the lows? Are you willing to throw yourself into the great circus ring called Love?

I’m sorry we cannot tell you what you’ll encounter.

There are no guarantees in Love’s Circus. You could draw the straw that is more grief than bliss. You might pull the one that sends you spiraling off into the clouds ecstatic with joy.

There is only a single certainty here and it’s this – once you throw your heart into the arena, there’s no going back, Sister. You’re all in. No refunds. No exchanges. No amount of howling will set you free if you don’t like the lot you pull. Love will take you for the ride you cannot stop. Chew you up, and spit you out, only when she’s ready.

I know you’ve seen the people leaving the arena with bright eyes, and star-kissed smiles. You’ve also seen the ones dragging their disemboweled bellies across the floor, crusted and caked with debris – the ones that hardly seem human after Love’s had her way with them.

And yet, you might be surprised to know those disemboweled folk are our best customers. No matter how many times love kicks their ass in the arena, they return. Queue up here just as you have. Willingly turn over the price of admission. Enter the big tent, step over the railing, and dive headlong into the next adventure. I suspect you’re one of those types. I’d know. I am too. I can tell by a certain kind of steely glint in the eye. Love’s ripped your guts out and you’re back for another hit.

Welcome Sister, welcome. Let me hold the curtain for your courageous ass as you cross the threshold.

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