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Dream A Better Life: Choose The Path To Happiness And Success

By Cindy Wynings

We all start our lives at the beginning of a great Journey. At first, we are too young to understand we are traversing a set of paths, every decision made sends us in a new direction. Each unique, urging us to aspire to our true self.

One day, we begin to understand the choices we have made, molded us, creating who we are.

The adventures we encountered, the people we met, all helping to create who we are, our ideas, our dreams.

Some roads are smooth but many are challenging; all supply us with lessons. We blindly walk the paths we choose until we open our eyes and truly look at what lies ahead and remember what lies behind us. This realization is the beginning; the understanding of the Journey.

I have reached that point. I see, looking back, the choices I made and the choices I could have made. The Journey I choose; molded me, moved me, and created who I am today. It seems that up to this point in time I have chosen more painful lessons than joyful ones.

In truth, I continued to go through the same lessons over and over because I wore blinders, I was fearful of looking towards a better life. Happiness was an illusion for me.

I now embrace the knowledge, I traversed the same roadways because of that fear. I was comfortable reliving the pain and hurt instead of jumping into a Journey where I did not know what waited for me. Today, I look fear in the face and say no more, I choose the road to my happiness and success. I put one foot in front of the other and enjoy the view. I embrace the lessons and the people I encounter and my life is fuller and richer.

This is not to say my life no longer contains hurt or pain. It does, the difference is I know how to deal with the hurt and pain and move on. I no longer linger on that path but choose to create a new beginning and move beyond.

Knowing this; I have slowed down my walk —  I look at the choices available and I make decisions based on my intuition, heart, intellect and guidance from the Divine. I still have no idea what lies down the path I choose but I do know whatever lies in my way will broaden me, make me better and allow me to grow emotionally and spiritually.

If fear shows its ugly head I remember that I have nothing to fear, because I am the forger and creator of me!

I encourage all who read this to stop, think, and choose. Be aware of the Journey; love the Journey and dance to beat of your own heart.

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Photographer: Valeria Chorozidi

Photographer: Valeria Chorozidi


Cindy Wynings

My name is Cindy Wynings. I am a 48-year-old mother of two and a grandmother of 1. I am choosing to spend my time helping others as a Mediational/Spiritual Coach. My hope is to help others learn how to change their Reflection and realize the love and happiness they can have.

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