By Andrea Maxine Frade MOONS & STARS

Weekly Moon Magic: It Is Not Your Task Alone To Save The World In One Day

By Andrea Maxine Frade

In a room with infinite sides a hall of mirrors surrounds you.
Kaleidoscopic reflections of you in mind, body and soul.
You are her, every woman that you see.
You are life —
a perspective.

Never before has there been a time where the inextricable link between self and other is being recognized as a key form of necessitated power.

The intensity with which we feel at this time is like an explosion of stars within our galaxy. A new view has come into being. An adjustment has been made. And though this undercurrent has been a long time in the making, it appears to us suddenly as if for the first time, unexpected, unwanted, delivering the call for radical transformation.

This monumental time of change calls for the ability to see into unifying principles. The laws of nature which govern us all as moving breathing particles of HER own body, a movement of unified presence.

Though you may be feeling a ferocious sense of uncertainty with this world, your introspection and interpersonal work will impact the wider scope of humanity much more than you can imagine. At the cutting edge of change things feel reckless, off the cuff and unwarranted. Like they don’t belong. Remember it is not your task alone to save the world in one day.  In the face of this fragmented reality it is crucial that you remain responsible and in tact with your vision. Remember what makes life thrive?

The more you connect-in the more human understanding can grow around compassion.

The way forward stands within the resounding ground of your own heart. The work to be done first is always an inward journey. Love in action is now a lesson being learned. In order to identify your most powerful position you must learn that your specific gifts are useful for all involved. The qualities to emphasize here are all in support of a more compassionate world view. This is a communal effort.

By recognizing the direction in which you are headed you will be able to identify healthy patterns of thinking and effective ways of problem solving. What must I put into place now so that I can assist future generations to have a world that belongs to them?

What you are healing now is something you may not be privy to seeing in its entirety. What you are healing now is for generations to come.

What you wish to see unfolds in the soul. For within it lies the seed of everything.

The pulse, the life, the breath, the vision, the hope.

The space of creation.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The 13 Moon Oracle: A Journey Through the Archtypal Faces of the Divine Feminine.

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MOON WISDOM is a collection of Akashic Readings that Andrea publishes weekly in alignment with the lunar cycles. To book a personal Akashic Records Reading with her, please visit




  1. Renate Hartlep

    Very well written and so true!

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