By Sarah Akers WAKING WILD

To The Woman Who Doesn’t Howl & Is Turned Off By Words Like: Be The Goddess

By Sarah Akers

Howl. Scream. Be the Goddess and the Banshee! Manifest your warrior and your destiny! Rise and be the truth only you can speak!

These are the words of my soul. I have stood in the woods and I have screamed from my womb. I have yelled out for healing from lives and days past.

I have cried and torn out each piece of myself that hid behind the lies and trauma left on me by a patriarchal society — the product of our history.

I have put a salve on the wounds of my spirit that looked much like the scars childbirth left on my belly. These are the words of my soul.

But what about the words of my other sisters? In our community of wild women ,we are all writing and rising in a language that is so full of emotion and anger and love that it’s as heady as the oils and sage we use. What about the women we are not reaching because we are so busy speaking our soul’s language that we have forgotten to speak the human one?

There are so many women of all age groups that hear our words and never make it past ‘be the goddess’. They turn off immediately.

These woman may not be on their journey yet — or don’t yet know that they are — do not need these words thrown at them. So I ask this of you, my sisters. Is there room in our community for the teacher that says, “We are learning to listen to our own voice instead of the others that have helped mold us”?

We can cater to the women who are ready to have their Shakti in full bloom as well as the women who are just trying to learn how not to worry when her mom thinks she’s getting fat.

Magic is in all of us. It’s being truly who we are. Not all of us are people of heady words and Bardic poetry. Some are mathematicians or engineers and speak in different terms.

So howl with me sisters! Howl at the moon! But if you are not ready to howl and you just want to have a glass of wine, or chat around a campfire, I am there, too. I can as easily say, “Well, today was a bad day” as I can, “My wild can’t take the patriarchal system any longer!”

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Sarah Akers

Sarah Akers is the founder of Rise Authentic Wild (RAW). She is dedicated to helping every person find and speak his or her truth. To help every soul live a life in full sovereignty, bliss and individual power! A practitioner of Earth and Nature based spirituality she uses connection to her intuition, ancestry, and all living things to navigate her path. She specialises in teaching practical ways to implement Magic and Alchemy into everyday life. She offers free, monthly, virtual New Moon Circles that can be attended from anywhere, as well as courses in healing trauma, Alchemy, Magic, and Sacred Ritual. Be real, be raw, answer the call, and let your Authentic Wild RISE!

  1. I think it’s absolutely necessary to have the ability to meet people where they are. Even if the idea of ‘Be the Goddess’ is an immediate turnoff. I know, personally, it’s a terrifying concept. I want to embrace it, but a deeply planted fear is shackled to it. But to have someone gently pull the chain away over time and usher me into the truth would make all the difference.

    • I agree! You never know the reason or fear behind someone’s reaction to moving toward intentional and intuitive wild living. Words like Goddess and Rise and other words have been tied to negative and scary things for those raised in many patriarchal religions or just from life generally. I am a true believer in helping people slowly pull away their own fears so they can live in the love! To know themselves as they are not as anyone (including myself) thinks they should be. I don’t think people should have to believe or think as I do I just want you to believe and think as you truly do, not as you’ve been programmed to! Learning myself has been the best courtship I’ve ever been apart of and the love affair I have with me now is better than any love and passion I dreamed of! I want everyone to have that!

  2. I love this!
    We are all goddesses, each with our unique howl!💜

  3. Wonderfully empowered piece. For me, the word ‘goddess’ has been wildly overused. I’m fifty years old and the word got huge in the 80’s. I think I’m turned off by the ‘be the goddess’ thing only because it’s gotten so new agey and watered down by its overuse. That’s all. It does honestly make my eyes roll. Not of fear, dear one, because I am a deep woman who has excavated to no end and continue to do so. It may simple be that the goddess thing took a sour turn for some women simply because of the new age woo woo that’s been around since the late 70’s and even before. I think it happens like that. It’s not necessary fear of ‘being the goddess.’ It might be some women, like myself, have outgrown the verbiage because it’s been ‘woo woo’ed’ to a semi annoying point. With that said, brava for your goddess-ness. Your howl is resounding and beautiful.

    • I love this Leslie it was exactly my point. Not liking the word doesn’t mean you don’t love the movement. Not everyone is in the same place on the journey and some are much farther along and don’t use the same vernacular. They have seen and heard it before. They have adapted and made their own way and that way is the right way! Love and light

  4. Forgive the typos. I wish they’d let me edit to fix. I meant: It’s not ‘necessarily fear of ‘being the goddess.’

    And above that, ‘simply’ instead of ‘simple.’ 😉

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