Lunar Horoscope With Laura Larriva: New Moon In Aquarius — Stand Up

By Laura Larriva

New Moon in Aquarius : Friday, January 27th : 4:08 PM PST

Just seven days after the presidential inauguration here in the United States, the moon and the sun come together in the sign of Aquarius – the social visionary, the holy rebel, and the revolutionary. An air sign ruled by unruly Uranus, this new moon opens the gates of the higher mind, and reveals the gifts of new perspective. Quick, changeable, and wildly innovative, we are all called to shift consciousness, to tap into the current of the front-runner, and to lead our people, in our own way, into the future.

This time of year in the Northern Hemisphere marks the dead of Winter, the fields and the land barren, with energy pulled inwards. And yet the promise and anticipation of Spring is just around the corner – the days grow longer, and the call to act on our intentions becomes more and more urgent. The growing restlessness that will usher us into action characterizes Solar Imbolc – a pan-European cross-quarter day meaning “in the belly” in Gaelic. We become filled with creative tension, our skin taught, our hearts yearning, our dreams singing us over a risky new threshold. The blooming fire of spring is calling…

I once heard that true wisdom is knowing when to act.

Indeed the terrain of the social artist calls us always into right timing, in the deepest alignment with the rhythms of Gaia, and with our own urge to create and change and grow. To be a leader on the Earth right now asks us to tend to the vision, to let it fill us, until we burst, to wait for the right moment, the right words, and the right opening for all of us to fulfill our destinies. This tension is what ripens us as emerging leaders.

Do you hear the call?

You, the transformational healer, the social artist, the cultural leader?

You who is willing to take risks, to be visionary, to lead through modeling your own depth, authenticity and integrity?

You who is turning once again to the eternal wisdom of the Earth, to the expansion of possibility – toward all that we’ve become estranged from as a people?

The visionary push of this new moon demands that you be in cahoots with mystery – our strategic minds alone cannot solve the complex challenges we face. Nothing short of a total transformation of consciousness – a weaving of the oldest form of magic – will enable us to meet the world in a truly visionary way.

Stand up sisters.
Stand up brothers.
Our time is now.

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