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{Animal Guide} The Woodpecker, Goddess Kali, The Cauldron And Your Womb

By Dilshad Mehta

Featured image: Benjamin Von Wong

The Woodpecker Generation: Lesson Two

This is a series of lessons from the woodpecker, just for you. There is no better animal symbol for the attitude that needs to be adopted by our millennial generation and the generation following. Invite this bird to come drumming into your life.

In lesson 1 the woodpecker taught you how to use your head. In lesson 2 the woodpecker invites you to contemplate your womb (for the record, you have a womb whether you’re a man or a woman.)

The woodpecker, Goddess Kali, the cauldron, and your womb:

The woodpecker loves to carve out holes in trees and other spaces to find food or to nest. Its trees are full of cavities, dark spaces, and the space of creation.

In that sense the woodpecker is very much like the Goddess Kali. (Is it any surprise that lesson 1 was about your mind and Kali is known to spring out of Goddess Parvati’s third eye?) Kali, the Goddess of wisdom and transformation, knows that it’s in the dark cavity that all things are transformed.

Kali’s colors are dark blue or black. This is the space in which galaxies are grown and stars are welcomed to explode. This is the cauldron where witches create their spells.

You, my love, are created in a similar fashion.

Find your womb:

For a woodpecker, every tree is an opportunity to nourish or to nest. In this way, you might take a hint from the woodpecker to ask yourself three questions:

  1. What nourishes me?
  2. What helps me rest?
  3. What helps me nest?

Women, of course, have the option to contemplate our physical womb space and from there understand the true nature of cyclical birth, transformation and destruction. But, know that it begins from a place of nourishment, rest and nesting. It is from this place that creativity explodes.

Expectant mothers and new mothers would benefit enormously from remembering their own womb of nourishment, nest and rest.

Nourishment in the Womb:

I ask you to say the word nourish out loud, but in a whisper. Pay attention to how that makes you feel. Choose what gives you the same feeling.

If you don’t know what nourishes you, (everyone starts here) knock on every tree. Ask yourself at every tree, “Is this it? Is this my place of nourishment?” It took me years to find out that practicing yoga and walking nature trails feeds me. I make sure to return to that womb as often as I can.

Resting in the Womb:

What helps you rest can be as simple as a nap or a hot cup of tea.

Some folks even resonate with Dan Howard’s method of Intentional Resting, which he describes as, creating a pause in your mind and body, a space where you can actively choose rest over stress by using the power of your own mind.

Nesting in the Womb:

Nesting isn’t just the domain of birds. Your home is your nest. Maintaining a space that supports you is probably the easiest and quickest way to enter the womb.

This might be as simple as satin sheets on your bed or practicing the Western style of Feng Shui. If you’re doing the latter, keep it simple. Bring in or remove just one element from that area of your home. For example, in the love/relationships area of my home I placed two candles to represent love and togetherness.

Woodpecker’s Parting Words

Millennials (yes, I know you hate that term) have been taught to numb the one thing that leads you home – your feelings. So, I understand why you would confuse rest with relaxation, and relaxing with numbing out. Watch for this while you are exploring your womb.

You’ve also been taught to hustle, struggle and work hard. Most of the time this wears you down. So, sweethearts, remember my woodpeckery womb of nourishment, resting and nesting.

Drum drum drum, until our next lesson, my love!

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Dilshad is an intuitive reader, healing guide, a poet, a creator, and a daily activist. An explorer at heart, she lives for what lurks beneath, unseen and forgotten. She is a professional intuitive who combines the practice of her heritage (Zoroastrianism), ancient mysteries, energy healing techniques, tarot, mythology, life coaching, and crystals in her service. Dilshad crafts readings with her own twist. She guides you through receiving, digesting, and integration of the information into everyday reality. Discover more about her unique readings here. For soulful inspiration and mini teachings, check out her online magazine.

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