Dealing With ISPs {Inner Shit Projectors} Thug Unicorn Style

By Tanya Markul

Also published on Thug Unicorn.

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Dealing with ISPs — Inner Shit Projectors…

The waning moon has got me all vulnerable, boo! I’m even more susceptible to other people’s negative energy and crap than usual! So what to do?

In this less than 7-minute FREE AUDIO, I’ll share how to build your sparkle forcefield to check yo-self before you wreck yo-self {hint: self-love & care all day everday} when faced with other people’s poo — is that the new OPP? Omg…

And, guess what?! There ARE benefits to coming into contact with ISPs. Who would have known?! Listen and read them below.

Let me know what you think . I want to hear your story below or send me an email to: tanya@thugunicorn. Amen & Aho!

What listeners are saying:

“Hey Tanya. I’m seriously loving your stuff. It makes complete sense to me for where I am on my journey and many times has raised a ‘humfp’ of recognition as a read/hear the truth/your sparkles laid out in such a ‘regular’ way. You just make it sound so obvious that I should be as wonderful as I can be and I always appreciate it. The current ISP stuff is completely bang-on with a situation at work that I’m dealing with and has provided me with countless ways to look at it differently and be different. Keep on shining you gloriously and reassuringly messy sparkly tremendous woman. With thanks and rainbows.” —M, United Kingdom

“I totally get this! Been feeling a mess since the beginning of the month and I’m starting to fall back into my same old patterns…sleeping, hiding, not doing anything, feeling worthless…but no one is doing anything to me…just my own inner critic really in my face this month and I’m really struggling to tame it…thanks for sharing and for listening. Love your work ! I follow you on FB and Instagram. Can’t wait for your book” —Monique

“You are bloooowing my mind right now!! I am literally drawn to your emails, you are awesome!!! I don’t have anything profound to say at all but (crying) thank you for doing your thing.” —The desert gypsy unicorn

“Dearest Tanya, I’ve just heard your podcast and it touched me deeply and resonated with how I feel these days- so thank you so much for sharing. I’m also a super sensitive person and can feel the strong vibes of this fullmoon. It is suddenly a no-bullshit/ inner crap moon and it is so difficult to see, smell and feel all the poops in others and in myself as well. I feel that I have to take extra care for myself and be very cautious not to go into other peoples war. A very intense and difficult learning session of Life. Thank you again; your Words were very comforting and made my day! Blessings to you.” —A, Denmark

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  1. It’s amazing as empaths how vulnerable we can be to outside negative energy. So much so, that sometimes it takes a bit to recognize that this energy is not even yours and you must put your warrior on. Great read and listen!

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