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Owning The Crone: 3 Ways To Embrace & Celebrate Your Power

By Michele Mekel

Do you fight the stripe? You know what I mean – the stripe of silver strands that started to emerge at your temples and along the part of your hair at a certain point in time.

Do you curse the cushion? You know, the stubborn extra bit that suddenly announced its presence at your waist, your belly, and the backs of your arms.

Do you wage war on the – gasp – wrinkles? You know all too well, those lines – fine or more pronounced – that appeared one morning at the corners of your eyes and elsewhere.

If you answered affirmatively, then you’re like most of us multi-decade goddesses who – at least initially – try to flee the coming of the Crone. Not only do we attempt to hide from the wizened one, but we lament the passing of the Matron, that fecund archetype we’ve embodied for a few decades. And often, we run harder and mourn deeper than we did when the Maiden absconded and the Matron took charge years back.

Why? Is it just the physical changes, considering society’s youth-obsessed beauty ideals? Or is it something deeper within our psyche?

Perhaps, we’re actually afraid of stepping into the full potency of our personal power.

Crowning the Crone

For those about to cross the threshold of cronehood and to those who’ve already stepped through that veil to the other side, it’s time to let go of fear and raucously celebrate this phase of our glorious goddess nature.

It’s time to:

  1. Embrace freedom – freedom to institute personal boundaries without explanation or guilt, freedom to do what truly calls to us at a soul level, and freedom to speak our truth and our mind without any filters or f*cks given.
  1. Share our knowledge and medicine collected over the decades through learning, life and magic making by donning the cloak of the teacher, the healer, the storyteller, and the shaman.
  1. Take hold of the gifts of the Dark Goddess, in all her embodiments, by conjuring her wild-woman wisdom, by becoming a shadow-walker extraordinaire, by gathering together the fibers of our fierceness, and by relishing the soul-deep laughter and joy of fully engaging in corporeal existence.
Walking in Your Power

So, whether your tresses show the first strands of silver, are colored in a hue of choice as cover, or revel in full-on, glamorous grey, warmly welcome your crone with a wide smile that features your crow’s feet and then truly accept the power her arrival bestows upon you.

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