Feel Your Feels: The Inner Freedom Fighter’s #1 Superpower

By Tanya Markul

Also published on Thug Unicorn.

Did you know, that in addition to being a writer, I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation since 2009? It’s a potent combination for healing, creativity, and for learning how to feel all those feels…

In this 4-minute FEEL YOUR FEELS MEDITATION, I’ll offer you a refreshing and grounded way to sink deeper into the wisdom of You vs. dancing around inner doors and getting stuck in pain and superficial thoughts.

Learning to decode your feelings, becoming emotionally literate, is the path of the life artist and inner freedom fighter. And, it takes practice. I’ve learned that before I could “sit” with my feelings, that I had to take it a step back, and first, give myself permission to feel. Does it make sense?

I used to go through my asana practice and meditation all up in my mind space. Not feeling, but sitting, thinking and waiting for the pose or moment to pass. I didn’t know how to feel or what feeling my inner space meant. And, I didn’t even know that I wasn’t feeling, until I started to actually feel.

So if you’re new to meditation, or have the desire to deepen your ability to feel your inner space, I hope this meditation will serve you in positive, healthy and empowering ways.

Cause there ain’t no way out, but in, precious boo.

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Tips for getting the most out of your meditation:

  • Start by sitting comfortably OR by lying down in a comfortable position. If you’re lying down, get your spine as close to the floor / the earth as you comfortably can. Uncross your ankles and unfold your arms. Remove any constricting clothing or accessories. Optional: pillow under head, blanket over your body, eye pillow over eyes. 
  • Take at least 3 deep rounds of breaths before you begin. Super deep breath in, and exhale, clearing breath out.
  • Come out of the meditation without a need to rush. Take your time, move slowly and restart or begin your day.
  • If you feel inspired, finish with a prayer to heal. Say a little prayer for your own healing, for the healing of your family, friends, and community, and for the healing of the world.

The intention of feeling our feels isn’t to relive pain, but to safely, messily, sometimes rebelliously and naturally, find our way to the other side of it.

May we all experience what it truly means to love and accept ourselves in this lifetime. Amen and aho! Get ready for more sparkles, self-love & messy healing! Stay tuned for these min-sermons on the weekly! 

Let me know what you think . I want to hear your story below or send me an email to: tanya@thugunicorn. Amen & Aho!

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