The Wild Woman Does Not Damp Her Joy Or Anger Down With Shame

By Kate Wolf

“Your teeth will snarl at small-talk and growl at facades, your fangs will awaken and sharpen, ready to tear apart masks and dive to the very center of Truth.”

Here is the thing about the Wild Woman. She will rip up your tidy life and tear open your heart. She will rage in the face of comfortable complacency and not let you keep quiet. When you say Yes to her, you are saying a Hell Yes to Life but not to a nice quiet TV dinner gossip life…

Yes to a full-spectrum Life alight with a full array of glorious color emotion adventure passion… Your teeth will snarl at small-talk and growl at facades, your fangs will awaken and sharpen, ready to tear apart masks and dive to the very center of Truth.

You may become, for a while, terribly unsocial. Stop plucking, shaving, removing signs of Wild from the landscape of your body. Stop pouting, preening, posturing for outside gazes that tell you – you are acceptable. Because you will know in the blood running through your veins and down your legs that you ARE the wild. The rocks speak to you. The trees hug back. Warm sand is an orgasm between your toes. Dank damp Earth is your favorite resting place and if someone wise were to gaze into your eyes they would see themselves reflected back as vast and as precious as the cosmos.

You. The Earth. The Divine. There is no difference and no separation.
You. Me. Her. Him. Them. Love. Soul. Sacred. Body.
Divine. Earth. Moon. Stars. Sun. Truth. Joy. Play. Life.
So many names for the same thing.

The Wild Woman does not damp her anger down with shame. Or her joy, for that matter. She is a full-spectrum human. And she is alive in each of us; man and woman.

She is rising
inhaling the Earth, her number one lover, caressing her body as the body of the Earth.

Wet soil feeds her hungry belly and her soul.

Belly-to-Earth she surrenders to the volcanoes inside opens her mouth and heals the world.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment.



Kate Wolf


Kate Wolf is a healer of the 'shoulds n oughts' complex and a guide to full, wild self-expression in Life and Business. She believes that we can create the world we dream of now, by the way we choose to exist on a daily basis. Kate is the founder of Wild Woman Success which offers intuitive, values-led business coaching for women ready to deepen their relationship with their inner knowing and open to their true desires. She works 1:1 and in small, intimate groups with entrepreneurial spirits ready to focus their energies and unleash their true gifts. Her signature retreat, Beacons, teaches women how to be natural beacons for their dream clients by daring to stand up, speak up, and be seen in their truest essence. You can follow her on Facebook or join her free group, Unapologetically YOU, where all of you is welcome.

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