By Nina Julie Sørensen MIND RISE

Do Not Believe Everything You’re Told — Trust The Truth In Your Heart

By Nina Julie Sørensen

The lies we tell ourselves — words on veganism.

Why are some animals pets, and others used for fur coats, entertainment and food? Why do we cage birds and force them to lay eggs until they drop from exhaustion? Why are we consuming breast milk from a cow – taking it away from the baby calf and drinking it ourselves? Why do we sleep in the same bed as our cats and dogs, but allow pigs and cows to lay in their own feces on a concrete floor?

Why do we support cruel, painful medicinal testing on animals? Why do we deplete the oceans from beautiful fish, from sea life?

Why do we pay people to slaughter innocent pigs, chickens and cows, but get outraged when people across the world slaughter and eat cats and dogs?

Why do we find it amusing to look at elephants and tigers being forced to do tricks for our entertainment in a circus?

Why do we {insert lie}?

What lies are we telling each other to be able to live with the choices we make?

Do we really need milk, meat and eggs for survival, or those leather shoes for survival? Do we need to go to the circus, aquarium and zoos for our survival?

Do we need to do cruel violent tests on enslaved animals in order to make medicine and cosmetics for humans, or are there alternatives? (Hint: there are alternatives that don’t involve animals!)

A fur coat, a leather purse, silk scarfs, red steak, sushi, feather pillows, an omelet and wool blankets — are they really an argument for killing and torturing animals?

When the lies we tell each other are hurting innocent beings, is it all worth it in the end?

Not knowing is bad. Not wanting to know is even worse.

Do we not want to know that our everyday habits are hurting fellow souls on the earth? That the choices we make every day are destroying our planet? Is eating that McDonald’s hamburger really that important? More important than a beautiful cow or calf’s life? I think not! We have to wake up now.

Open your eyes and connect the dots.

It is time to make wrong right, to free the animals from the corporate slavery and set aside our delusionary desire for everything that includes animals for our benefit.

It is time to let go of any desire to rule and ruin everything beautiful. And I believe there is compassion in every human heart.

I believe that we all want to do what’s right and that we all have what it takes to save the animals, our planet and ourselves. It begins with pulling our heads out from the mud and opening our eyes and hearts. We need to educate each other and ourselves and question our way of living.

Do not believe everything you’ve have been told.

This process might hurt for a moment. Especially when you find out that you have been lied to your entire life. But the truth is that the people around you didn’t know any better. They just told you the lies they themselves had been told. Now you have the chance to make amends. To do better. To do the right thing for yourself, others, the planet and the animals — our fellow brothers and sisters.

Once, along the way we forgot that we are all one. We are not separate; we are not individuals without any need or connection to other beings. We are a whole: depending, relying and counting on one another. We are in it together. So let’s do this together.

Let’s do the right thing!

No more lying. Trust the truth in your heart. Compassion for all beings!

Featured image: Katerina Plotnikova

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  1. Tanya Markul

    Love this and marching with you! Mercy to all life forms! XOXO

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