By Sarah Akers HOLY FIRE

Why Would An Angel Choose To Fall?

By Sarah Akers


That’s what you humans call us,


You say it so often we’ve started calling ourselves that.

Fallen.  I have fallen.

You people have some serious misconceptions about angels.

For one, I have free will.  We all do.

And just like you, sometimes we choose wrong.

We feel the same things you do, greed, anger, resentment,

A desire to be special!

There are really only two differences between angels and humans.

One, location!

You like to say things like “I saw the face of God” or “I felt the hand of God”.  I have literally seen the face of God.  I have felt the hand of God.  

The other thing you get wrong, the number of wings.

We have two.

You manage to get that right. What you don’t realize is you have one.

One really strong wing.

And if you would just love each other, hold on to each other, embrace each other for everything you are where you stand, you could fly higher and harder and farther than any of Gods creations. 

But no, you don’t ever seem to get it.

But what do I know? I’m just a fallen.  

You want hear my dirty little secret?  I didn’t fall,

I jumped!

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Sarah Akers

Sarah Akers is the founder of Rise Authentic Wild (RAW). She is dedicated to helping every person find and speak his or her truth. To help every soul live a life in full sovereignty, bliss and individual power! A practitioner of Earth and Nature based spirituality she uses connection to her intuition, ancestry, and all living things to navigate her path. She specialises in teaching practical ways to implement Magic and Alchemy into everyday life. She offers free, monthly, virtual New Moon Circles that can be attended from anywhere, as well as courses in healing trauma, Alchemy, Magic, and Sacred Ritual. Be real, be raw, answer the call, and let your Authentic Wild RISE!

  1. Michelle


    But whether you fell or chose to jump, the question still stands -“Why?”.

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