Rise And Persist, Sisters

By Michele Mekel

Welcome back from your long sleep, Great Mother.

We feel the reverberation of your awakening deep within our bones. Your shadow gives way to your light, as you come to in a world that changed during your wintery repose.

As you stir restlessly, we’re poised to tear off our old, too tight skin — letting filmy flags flutter away in the brisk breezes of revolution. We’re prepared to set fire to our own plumage as we burst into colorful flight — soaring above that which would keep us Earth-bound. We’re primed to move to the choreography coded in our wild-woman DNA. We’re ready to germinate the seeds of our next becoming — rooting deeply in soils rich with self-compassion and self-respect.

While you dreamt, we came to recognize the goddess nature in each of our unique blooms. We refused to silence our soul songs, knowing that your glorious cacophony remains incomplete without our distinctive voices and their individual melodies. We learned to courageously celebrate the divine feminine in each of us, in all of us, and in the world.

We may face opposition. We may experience challenges. We may suffer loss and defeat, alongside victory. Nevertheless, we persist — unwaveringly, unapologetically. And, as we do so, Great Mother, we call to you — with these words of prose and poetry — to restore our vital essence, to rekindle our luminous spirit, and to reinforce our steadfast commitment.

The Choreography of Awakening

The djembe hammers while the ney whistles
with escalating tempos.
This primal music calls to the Shakti
with soul-filled timbres.

Dance, sisters. Dance.

Colorful skirts flutter and coin belts jingle
with each staccato hip undulation.
Graceful shoulders shimmy and long-lashed eyes smile
with every pulsing beat.

Rouse, sisters. Rouse.

Feminine flesh rumbles and the Great Mother awakens
with elemental rhythms.
Wolf women rise and sacred mountains tremble
with unrelenting wonderment.

Persist, sisters. Persist.

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