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3 Tools To Unlock Your Manifesting Mojo — Align With What You Want & Co-Create With The Universe

By Sara Hocking

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted something, visualized it, written it down and burned it – only to hear crickets in return.

The haunting sound of nothingness.

I’ve wondered how I’d followed all the steps and still not made it happen. Usually my subconscious, “No!”, shouts the loudest; my fingers cling to what I have the hardest; my indecision paralyzes creation. See the craziness there?

I wasted time creating elaborate rituals to say, “Yes,” when my “No” was too loud. Finally, I’ve been able to stop the subconscious resistance. I started saying, “No”. Before you gasp in shock and horror, or quit reading in confusion, stick with me…

Saying, “No” told the Universe what I don’t want.

I said, “No” to the invites to go out, that I would have accepted out of obligation. I flexed my “No” muscle by re-gifting (or donating) presents I didn’t like or want or need. Doing so is a practice and something to get used to. I released the fear of disappointing or upsetting others and did what worked for me.

1. I let it go.

I started getting rid of the things in my life that didn’t fit anymore: clothes, relationships, jobs, memories. The list is nearly endless. To allow space for something new in my life, I had to make space.

Ditching old clothes is always my go-to starting point. When I clean out my closet, I’m always amazed how much is in my give-away pile.

Taking this to the next level, I then consider what emotions I no longer want to tote around. I find myself letting go of small annoyances like my partner not doing the dishes or my sister arriving late. These trivialities don’t really matter or affect my relationships. They do, however, take up energy in my life. When I let go of the bits of our lives that no longer work, I am telling the Universe I am ready for something better.

2. I decided what I wanted.

“I can’t decide, there are so many choices.” Seriously?! I think about it like a pizza. Sometimes I find it hard to choose pizza toppings because so many sound good. When I get real with myself, my bacon obsession annihilates the competition. Then, I craft a perfect combination centered around the bacon goodness. I’m not considering things I don’t like. I am not entertaining unique possibilities. I go with what I know I like and build from there.

Life is as easy as ordering pizza.

When I know how much I hate part of my job, I dry the tears. I identify those aspects that I do want, the non-negotiables like vacation time, healthcare, freedom. No matter what it is, I can create a picture of what I want.

Choice and decision don’t paralyze me. They are my tools to build my perfect pizza.

3. I was grateful.

The Universe and I create, based on my vibrational match, my emotion. When I am in a horrific mood and ready to rip everyone’s head off, all I can see is red. Nothing is going to go right and I know it. Guess what? Nothing does. I spill coffee on my shirt, there’s an accident in front of me on the highway, my computer reboots in the middle of a proposal. Worst. Day. Ever.

But, as I breathe gratitude into my life, I am met with more of which I am grateful for.

When I thank my partner for making me coffee in the morning, feeling how nice it is to be looked after, a co-worker asks me later in the day what I want for lunch (on her). As I am feeling so happy about my lunch treat, I find a front row parking spot at the grocery. Celebrating that win, I find myself alone at self-check out for a quick swipe before I’m out the door.

See? Is it flawless? Not every time. But, as I practice, the opportunities for awesomeness flow more fluidly into my life.

While this list isn’t complete or an anthology of all the ways I’ve used to get my manifesting mojo back in gear, it’s a good start.

By using these tools, I’ve been able to tap into a magical vein of free travel around the world whenever I want, find the ideal life partner, live abroad (a constant dream), ditch the 9-5 for my own business, build relationships on authenticity rather than obligation, ditch my codependent tendencies and a myriad of other things that are too tedious to list.

Now is the time to align with what we want and become co-creators with the Universe.

. . .
Sara’s Heart Howl:
“Be unapologetically you. Show the world the depths of your soul. Sing the song and dance the dance of truth and freedom; of love and life. Be the you that you came here to be.”

. . .

"Don’t get me wrong, there are still people I’d rather not be around and I still feel like I see certain structures for what they are, the difference now is the space that has opened up inside of me. My capacity to say, “Speak up, and see what happens,” has allowed me to dry-clean my armor and hang it up for when it might be necessary. Now I prefer to live in the risk of the freedom of self-expression – particularly given my privileges in being able to do so – and support others in doing the same in ways that feel right for them." — Morgan Lee Cataldo . . . #HOLYFIRE



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