By Karen Nelson Mangold POETIC JUSTICE

One Human Family, The New Democracy: Eyes Crying, Hate Dying & Love Unifying

By Karen Nelson Mangold

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

I saw a sister, being carried by her sister, because cancer took her legs
I saw a brother kiss his brother in love
I saw a baby, cradled in innocence
Raise her tiny hand to the sky
I saw black birds
Dancing waltzes
With a dove
I saw women who marched with Martin, with aging limbs but voices reborn

I saw a people
Florescent and adorned
I saw our America
Black and Gay
Old and gray
A brand new day

A Tribe United
Muslim Jew
Me and You
Every human
None were fighting
I saw transcendence
I saw resplendence
Boldly free
I saw eyes crying
I saw hate dying
Love’s Unifying
I saw resilience
I saw brilliance
I saw fortitude
And truth
I saw the dreams of Martin Luther
I saw a marching
Book of Ruth
Where you shall go
I too shall go
We all shall
Stand as One
We are One
Human Family
And we have only just begun.
This is what Democracy Looks Like.

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Karen’s Heart Howl:
Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet. Do your work with mastery.
Like the moon, come out from behind the clouds… Shine.

. . .

remember your ability to choose . . . #wakeupanddream . . .


Karen Nelson Mangold

Karen Nelson Mangold is a writer and poet from Ocean Gate, NJ. In addition to writing she wears a gazillion other hats including mama, teacher, merry prankster and soup maker. A gypsy nomad at heart, she has been collecting tales for her upcoming books, Tales from the Tribe, and Faceplant Buddhas. Karen writes to ignite the light of peace in the world.

  1. Neil Johnson


  2. Merry Lightheart

    This writer is on the front of the new age reality. She knows what’s going on and it isn’t the broadband reality. Don’t fear, ride this wave to glory instead! We choose the future we want!

  3. Sue Smith

    Love it light the way sister!

  4. Beautiful my dear! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Lots of love from Switzerland

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