By Karen Nelson Mangold POETIC JUSTICE

The Road Whispered, Sang And Told Me Who I Was

By Karen Nelson Mangold

The Road Whispers

I’ve driven miles of highway
Let my mind fly free
And the road took me places
I had never been.

The road, she whispered, and she sang…
She told me who I was
And who I wasn’t
I was content. I played it safe, didn’t push past fear to dive deep where the pearls dwell
But my mind had a mind of its own and it took me there, pulled me under and showed me all that lies beyond the veil
It showed me
That little girl, standing at the bedroom window, counting stars, feeling small …feeling fear
Feeling invisible
In comparison with that
Vast sky
Feeling invisible
In comparison with a
Wine bottle
Feeling like it was her fault
That wine bottles flowed
And so did tears
Never understanding until she cried her own tears in front of her children
That children will listen
And they will make it
All about them
When you are sad
Or hurting
When you’re afraid
When the person you depend on to get you dressed in the morning
Doesn’t dress herself
Some mornings
You wonder if you left your toys out too long
Or made too much noise and we don’t make noise when daddy’s resting, remember, his heart is fragile.

Remember his heart is fragile. Remember he could die.
You wonder why some days it’s like it’s your birthday
And you have your favorite food and you go for ice cream and you get a new book, you love books, they are your friends.
Books tell the truth
Books take you places, they don’t promise and break that promise.
You can leave them for a while
And they will still be there waiting. They don’t leave, not saying goodbye.
They don’t forget
That Thursday is class
Picture day, and you promised you would braid my hair
And daddy does instead, and he’s gentler, and
He doesn’t pull my hair
And he smells like limes
And his eyes are kind.

But mommy’s braids are better
The bangs don’t fall
In my eyes so
I can’t read
And reading
Saves me
You wonder why
She’s sad
When she’s beautiful
And she’s adored
And she makes people happy
You wonder why she thinks
That wine stuff is going to
Love her more
Than you do. So much that
She falls asleep holding a
Glass, instead of your hand.

And yet it was your hand
She held as
Cancer took her away
From you for the last time
The road told me
As it whispered under me
As it vibrated through my body
It wasn’t you
It wasn’t you
It wasn’t you
It was never you
I know it wasn’t me
I know it wasn’t any of us
Even if you never told me
Why you hurt and why you drank
I know some aches go so deep
That you’ll do anything
To keep them from seeping
Out into the light of day
But un speaking the words
Makes them poison
That burns
And until you let it out
You won’t know freedom
The road whispers
My minds words
I’m listening
And I’m letting them speak.

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Karen Nelson Mangold

Karen Nelson Mangold is a writer and poet from Ocean Gate, NJ. In addition to writing she wears a gazillion other hats including mama, teacher, merry prankster and soup maker. A gypsy nomad at heart, she has been collecting tales for her upcoming books, Tales from the Tribe, and Faceplant Buddhas. Karen writes to ignite the light of peace in the world.

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