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Freedom Begins When We Except That There Is No External Security

By Melissa Hargrave

The Semblance Of Security

As humans we want “safety as a fixed point of survival” – we want to feel secure in all things. This want of external security is what ultimately undoes us.

For example, if we amassed great wealth and felt a sense of external security, a number of things could occur to take it all away. Humans who do not have the wealth they deem necessary to feel externally secure constantly feel this lack of security instead. This keeps them in a state of anxiety – of anxiously wanting external security.

All of it is bogus; there is no external security in life. NONE. All things can be lost (career, money, home, relationship, etc), and the illusory and temporary security is not worth the disappointment or devastation felt upon such loss.

Freedom begins when we accept that there is no external security, and that all things are in a constant state of flux.

Living comes when we understand this, but do not fear it. When we acknowledge up front that the shit can hit the fan or that our ship can come in and every possible mundane stop along the way; when we acknowledge, understand without fear, then that is when true living begins.

We surrender, by free will, to the cosmic flux universal pattern that brought us forth, permeates us, and bleeds through us. We surrender to the moment and fully realize that the notion of external security is man made and deeply flawed.

We accept that regardless of where or how we end up, we can be okay. We can thrive from a deep well-spring of joy that bubbles up from within – a joy that is not dependent upon external factors (but that can be covered up or hidden by outer circumstances if we shift our focus from internal to external).

For all things external are not real and do not exist in absolute terms.

The only absolute that can be found is within and that gives a sense of security that isn’t based in this world and therefore exceeds any temporary security that can be found in this transient place. Internal security is the peace that surpasses all understanding.

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Melissa Hargrave

My name is Melissa, but you can call me Mel, Melly Belly, or Mel-a-licious. My age is 34. I am everyone & no one. I know nothing, but I understand a lot. I am in love with life and the present moment! I have produced one son, Noah. He's an only child; a rough draft with unlimited potential. He makes me laugh while keeping me in check. He is my most favorite person I have ever known! We care for two Chihuahuas, Rocky and Pinky, who are integral parts of our family. Pinky reminds us there is power in meekness, while Rocky reminds us of the dangers of peevishness and hostility. Together we live in harmonious chaos.

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