By Nette Hargreaves POETIC JUSTICE

The Sweet Return Of Spring & The Last Graces Of Cold Winter Nights


Awaiting The Sweet Return Of Spring

The ground is solid underfoot
Ice covers Her skin
Shoals of frozen mud
Rest petrified like waves

Peeking over the horizon
Timid rays of sun
Promise to warm Her body
And let those crests come crashing
Upon the Earth once more

Her lake remains frozen
Birds tentatively step onto ice
A feathered parade on aqua firma
Flow solidly suspended
By the grace of a few cold nights

I want to howl at the morning sun
Rising like a ball of pale flame
I want to throw off the cloak of winter
Emerge from my deep forest den
And warm my limbs at the distant crackling of first fire

But darkness prevails
Stillness reigns
Harsh wind chills my bones

Sleeping seed burrowed down deep
In the fertile Earth
Waiting, trusting
Stretching back towards distant memories
Of growth

Traces of green fleetingly float on the air
A hint of spring rests on the tip of my tongue
Lingering faintly
Then fading like elfin veils
In the dim morning sun

Light reclaiming its force
Day by day
A tiny sliver more
Calling our winter dreams
Ever upward like a snake uncurling
The spiraling of birdsong
Tugging slumbering bulbs
And tired roots

But the draw of Her flame is almost invisible
Lest you train your eye
To perceive tiny tokens of new life

Green shoots curiously peeking
Daffodil and crocus sprinkled over bare earth like confetti
Cherry blossoms playing peek-a-boo with the north wind
Frost dusting leaves like powdered sugar
Promising the sweet return of spring
This tug-of-war
Forth and back
Back and forth
It is Her cross to bear
But it is no burden

Snowflake flurries descend upon snowdrop clusters
Blanketing tiny buds
Rays of faint warmth
Tantalise winter’s sovereignty
Dissipating cold mists
Leaving streaks of frost and
Slivers of ice thin as skin
Leaving us hopeful
Like a child confined too long

All winter I’ve been reaching
Deep down
Into the darkness
To find the light inside
And now this light
My light
Is ready to come out
And play with the light of the world
To dance with the child of spring
Arms outstretched
Twirling, swirling
Spinning in the delight
Of new beginnings

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  1. Wow, Nette, that is utterly beautiful! Thank you xxx

  2. I love it, Nette!! Keep it up!! You are so talented I’m in awe!! xx .Marga.

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