Dance With the Dead, Let Them Guide Your Feet And Memory

By Lisa Marks

Olympic Mountains strong to the West,
Cascades anchor the East.
We walk the sliver of sand
separating ocean waters from humanity
leaning into a backbone of rock and soil.

The lama I have never met joins;
task at hand so large requires
the wisdom of ones who have passed.
This can’t be done any other way,
but to merge forces with the unseen.

As I write, I am accompanied
by mother, father, aunts and uncles,
beloved teachers gone before.

The client yesterday shared
the dead in her living room
as she danced her way to ecstasy.
In Warsaw my friends uncover
wounds long past, so healing continues,
recalling the dead from unloved graves.

Once again, in the light of day,
we find the touch of each other
as we turn to face
rivers of rock reflecting sunlight.

Mountains circle, holding in their embrace
this town, its beauty and tragedy
a well sung Aria.

The dead dance in our circle
with gifts of understanding,
support for the rivers of light
flowing through us.

Not just you and me!
But each one of us,
standing upon soil, rock and bone,
across a planet purging horrors
in exchange for spaciousness and
a different way.

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Communion Isn’t Giving Away The Essential Parts But Defending Your Core As Truth

. . . Lisa’s Heart Howl . . .

Embodiment is our opportunity and commitment to evolve with the sentient Earth through the personal landscape of our bodies. As sentient beings, we experience a fundamental attunement with everything continuously at a cellular level, rewriting our definition of who we are as human beings and of reality.


Lisa Marks


Lisa Marks MA LMHC had a dream that inspired a lifelong movement practice. Out of her journey arose Sentient Body Explorations®. Resting on the theoretical foundations of Process Work Psychology, Sentient Body Explorations demonstrate how subtle awareness and movement uncover information drawing us closer to our essential self and our soul’s purpose. Lisa creates safety, laughter and direction for this powerful practice of embodiment. Lisa is a Psychotherapist, Organizational Consultant, Process Work Associate, Sentient Body Coach and Soul Motion™ teacher. She loves exploring embodiment in relationship to the self, others and the planet that holds us. Trees and beaches in the woods and waters of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the Olympic Peninsula of Washington are her movement partners. Passionate about her spiritual and movement practices, gardening, hiking, and poetry, she can also be found performing with Yesango Marimba Ensemble.

  1. A very sweet poem, Lisa – thanks!

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