By Avellina Balestri

Sing of Mother Earth
Who we must tend
As grateful sons and daughters
Born to soil and water
Flame’s fury and wind’s breath
As our natural inheritance
The landscape has a face
The rivers run as blood
The rocks as jagged bones
The sands, her golden skin
The seas, her pounding heart
The land has a lady’s soul
And honor she is due
Corporal Mercy given back
As she has nurtured us
No one can own the land
For she is wild as star’s flight
And steed’s thunderous race
Pulsing song, winging song,
Connected, link by link
Laced through with humming
Thread of Light and Longing
Proceeding from the gleam
That birthed the universe
We remember ancient days
The Nothingness that burst
Into hymns of cosmic color
Splintered notes, shards of shape
And rising up in passion’s roar
From the agony of Love
That ever-present Point
That pierces all in ecstasy
And that churning evolution
Rising to its destiny
A spark that stirs reflection
Mirroring the Thread
That weaves through human eyes
That glow as late-night embers
And lets them see their God
Image and Likeness stamped
Souls formed in immortality
Stewards of the Garden
And Lovers of the Land
The sacred bond is sealed
All things in union tied
By Ribbon of Reality
Touch of Mercy, handed down
Our hands are meant for healing
For tending, and revealing
Let them kiss the soil
Once again

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