Feel The Fight Within Me — An Insatiable Hunger For A Better, Less Afraid World

By Courtney Quinlan

An Insatiable Hunger For A Better World

I’m hungry for justice.
I’m craving love and stimulating conversation.
People who use their voices for change.
Women who shout from rooftops or in the streets.
Making sure the world knows,
“I’m standing right here! I’m not going anywhere!”

For protest and dismantling the patriarchal system.

I’m hungry for my tribe.
My mamas whose baby daddies left them as a lioness.
We will travel and hunt in packs.

I’m hungry for hands on my skin and hot breath on my neck at 2am.
A body moving in rhythm with mine.
Lips pressed.
Hips expanding.

I crave solitude.
Please,don’t come for me.
Like a wild animal, don’t “FEED ME”.
Don’t give in to my every wish and will.
Listen, and you will hear me whisper,
“Go home, I’m not thirsty anymore.”

Hungry for artistic expression in all its many forms.
I want words and pen and ink for breakfast.
Photographs spread across the table making a visual landscape I can’t see with my naked eye.

For acceptance and belonging.
For the world to be more forgiving.
Less angry.
Less afraid.

I want to eat my sorrows and share my joy like a feast.
Overflowing challises with the batting of eyelashes 
and a blush of cheek.
I want to consume ignorance.
Steal it right off their dinner plates.
Leave them barren.
Leave them hungry for knowledge.

For fact.
For. Human. Rights.
For the meaning, of true respect and equality.

And yet their mouths keep speaking.
Our ears continue hearing.
Our eyes stuffed full of crowded colors.
Obscured by manufactured headlines and woven lies.
Spun so tightly around our bordered beliefs and corralled fears.

Do you still feel?
Do you still feel the same?

Take my hand.
Feel the fight in me.

We’ve all had enough.
Seen and said so much.

Check please!

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“Shine with all you have. When someone tries to blow you out, just take their oxygen and burn brighter.” ― Katelyn S. Bolds @theboldlife


Courtney Quinlan

Courtney Quinlan is a lover of words and how you can craft them together, piece by piece and build a story, or a moment in time that speaks to someone. She lives in Vermont, as a single parent, with her son who is on the autism spectrum and advocates fiercely for him and others with disabilities. She volunteers as a parent advocate and editor for The Urban Howl and Wild Heart Writers and is a contributing author of poetry and prose. She can generally be found lost in a whirlwind of creative thought, she is unfiltered and fairly transparent. She is passionate about empowering women and social justice issues. She likes to get crafty, making beaded jewelry and crafts and photography inspired by the natural world around her. She is a sarcastic lover of humor and is blessed to be able to laugh at herself and find the irony in stressful situations. Rarely embarrassed and often clumsy she is practicing the art of vulnerability and can be found just throwing her whole self out there!

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