By Aliza Gerritt HOLY FIRE

Re-Discover, Re-encounter & Repair Your Internal Joy With 3 Words: I Am Grateful

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”
~Frederick Keonig

Internal Joy Is Gratitude Within: A Heart Song

My heart sings with infinite gratitude and eternal joy.

I didn’t always know the melody to harmonize with the songs of my heart but I have learned;

I continue to learn…

At first, I’d hum along as though I knew;

I so deeply wanted to know.

I am compelled to perpetually: encourage, arouse and inspire feelings of gratitude within myself, and, others.

In order to enjoy, delight and value our existence, we must experience internal joy; daily.

What is internal joy?

Where is it located?

What does it do?

Are we born with it?

Can we lose it, find it, break it, repair it?

Internal joy is Gratitude Within.

Internal joy is ubiquitous and innate, and though it may seem: misplaced, lost or temporarily ‘broken’, we can always re-discover, re-encounter and repair it.

Our external joys are temporary, unpredictable, deceptive and elicit brief, fleeting, pleasure.

We seek external joy in a single moment;

We seek internal joy forever.

So then how do we experience internal joy and make it everlasting?

We practice gratitude; daily.

By: remembering, recounting, describing, detailing, listing, concentrating, focusing, speaking, sharing, thinking, and recreating that which makes us feel grateful; we experience internal joy.

Speak it, sing it, scream it, shout it, share it.

Recall it. Now and always.

When we begin to detail that which makes us grateful, we are able to reflect;

We are able to assess, evaluate, and measure our accomplishments, our gifts, our blessings.

Our gratitude provides us internal and, eternal joy.

My Heart Song: Infinite Gratitude and Eternal Joy

I AM grateful for an abundant sea of adjectives, nouns and verbs…

I AM grateful for communication, the artistry of words.

I AM grateful for the intangible and the tangible too…

I AM grateful for me, I am grateful for you.

I AM grateful to be…to think…to feel…

I AM grateful for imagination, I am grateful for what is real.

I AM grateful to speak…to learn…to teach…

I AM grateful to inspire…to touch…to reach.

I AM grateful for the streams, the rivers, the seas…

I AM grateful for weeds, flowers, plants and trees.

I AM grateful for miracles, I am grateful for sorrows…

I AM grateful for todays, I am even more grateful for tomorrows.

I AM grateful for music, rhythm, and melody…

I AM equally grateful for silence, peace and tranquility.

I AM grateful for all I have and that which I have yet to receive…

I AM grateful for faith, I am even more grateful to believe.

I AM grateful for the sun, the moon and the earth…

I AM grateful to source from which we were birthed.

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Aliza Gerritt

Aliza Gerritt is an Alchemist, Catalyst, Educator, Entrepreneur, Empowerment Architect, Writer and Visionary. She is passionate about educating, empowering and inspiring all sentient beings to consciously, confidently and creatively reclaim: vibrant health, balanced well-being and radical self-love. Aliza seamlessly weaves her quest; ancient teachings, innate wisdom, intuition, metaphysics, mysticism, sacred and universal truth into an eclectic tapestry of yoga as a lifestyle. Aliza is universally recognized as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Therapist, esteemed Multi-Dimensional Healer|Shamanic Reiki Master and a Certified Nutritional Therapist. Connect with her via Facebook and Instagram.

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