By Brittany Perry WAKING WILD

A Wild Woman’s Worth — Don’t Let Anything Stand In Your Way

By Brittany Perry

What defines a woman’s worth? Is that difficult to ask? I think for some people, it could be. Especially the wild ones among us often questioning our own worth.

Why do we question our worth? Is it the bad days that make us treat ourselves in ways we do not deserve. Wild women need to be cherished and worshiped for all that they are.

We should be lifting up, not only ourselves, but our fellow wild women who walk the same path as us. We should come together, banish the hate, and inspire one another.

The world presents us with hate at times, but it is in our power to stop the circle and prevent ourselves from passing it on. We can bring light to the dark. Turn sunshine into rain. Pain into love. We can run wild with the wolves and still be soft enough to mother them as well.

Because we are the healers of our own hearts, and we can handle anything life throws at us.

Life can be cruel, especially to the ones of us that show our wild side. Live can take us for a spin and shake things up. It can test our strength, patience, dedication. It has a funny way of trying to throw us off our game, but still we rise like fire. We rise because we have that passion in our blood and that fire in our soul. We don’t back down easy and that just makes life test us more.

We can’t let anything stand in our way because we have a mission in this life and it is to lead to pack. Lead the way for us all to join together in peace and love. Let us come together to lift each other up. Bring happiness to the world and pray we get it back.

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  1. That was beautiful and uplifting Britt I love it keep up the great positive writing your a star😊

  2. Jeremiah

    This is from the heart ❤️

  3. Well said and beautifully written. I always ask when women will ban together and take over mother earth. Those in power have been destroying her.

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