By Brooke Steff HOLY FIRE

Unlearn, Undo And Unbuild Until There’s Only Love

By Brooke Steff

What if we could go back, to the very beginning, to the genesis of our lifetimes over?
What if we could unlearn it all?

What if we’d be given but one limitless choice:
What do you yearn to know?
To which you would, no hesitation, without breath, reply,

All of love.
The life of love, the source of love, the body of love, even its fingernails.
You would wish to go where it goes, in all the spaces and non-spaces it breathes.
What would that be like? What would that change for you?

Unlearning, undoing, unbuilding the eons back to the seedling of your soul,
to the supreme moment of liberation
when you discover
that your one
and your only
karmic quest

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Brooke Steff

Brooke Steff could say that she writes about the human condition. She doesn't say that, because she thinks it makes her sound like a wanker. She does however, write as a response to the beauty and wretchedness that our human souls face. She writes strongly about what is sacred, what it really means to be a woman and how having a tender heart is an act of rebellion in a world that tells us that love is never the answer. She yearns for Autumn and Winter always. Books make her feel rich. And guests at her dream dinner party include Joan of Arc, Winston Churchill, Zelda Fitzgerald, William Butler Yeats, Anne Lamott, Carl Barron and a couple of bad-ass nuns. Connect with her by joining the list via her website.

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