We’re At The Threshold — Lean In, Be Shaped And Birth The New

By Laura Larriva

“The only war that matters is the war against the imagination / all other wars are subsumed in it.”
-Diane Diprima

We live in a time of uncharacteristic change. A tumultuous moment of increasing complexity that has all of us stretching the way we participate in nearly every life arena. It is a time where adaptability and flexibility are a prerequisite to navigating personal and social change with skill and intention. We face an opportunity to either lean in to meet the emerging future, or regress back to old familiar (if dysfunctional) patterns at nearly every crossroads. We are at the threshold, in a crucible of change – no longer what we were, but not yet what we are becoming.

These are liminal times, and require liminal capabilities.

One such resource that has long been exiled in contemporary western culture is the power of our deep imagination. This way of knowing lends us the archetypal feminine capacity to perceive possibility, to lead from the unknown, and to be in direct, participatory relationship with the forces of creativity. 

It is this window of perception that demands we think outside the bounds of the social agreements that define our cultural shoulds and shouldnts, and to trust our wisdom as women in leadership. 

It is this mysterious force that shapes our development during our early years, and mediates between what we know and can touch, and what we don’t yet know, and can’t yet see. The imagination is the part of us that can build a bridge from our interior world, to our shared experience. It is the imagination that allows for intimacy – in both our human relationships, and with the larger dreaming of the earth. Human beings are designed to be visionary, and to trust the images, and dreams that rise up from under; the intuitions that slip past our strategic minds…

In pre-agrarian, matrilineal societies the individual was understood in the context of a matrix of relationships with both the seen and the unseen. Anne Baring in The Dream of the Cosmos explains that the Goddess was personified as “ an immense matrix or web of relationships through which spirit and nature, the invisible and the visible dimensions of the life of the Cosmos, were connected with each other.

Today, women all over the world are insisting on the recognition of our full humanity, bringing connection and relationship into the conversation in the boardroom, at home, and as a global community. In fact, our inborn capacity to be in communion with another is becoming more and more a necessary part of the wider conversation of conscious leadership. 

Evolutionary cosmologist Brian Swimme reminds us that our longings, fears and desires, (particularly at the crossroads where fear and longing merge), are invitations to consciously participate in the larger unfolding of our time. In other words, our imagination is a mediator between what is arising from the heart of our cosmos, and what is needed here now. To me, this means that our desires, and our fears are not a solitary phenomenon, but an invitation to lean in, be shaped and birth the new.

It reminds me that the imagination is inherently participatory, as it weaves us into the world of relationships where things are not inert or unintelligent objects, but rather full of life, movement, meaning, autonomy. The same is true for images and insights that rise up from our own depths. If we were able to suspend the reductionistic view that has dominated western thought for centuries, we may be able to admit to ourselves that the source of such imagery is deeply mysterious and entirely autonomous. 

If this were true for us; how may we mold and shape our world?  What capacities could we develop as a species that need be here now, at this precipitous time? 

As Einstein so famously said:

We can’t solve problems
by using the same kind of thinking we used
when we created them.

Women, I encourage you to pay attention to your longings and fears – to the dreams that surprise you, the visions you have at night, and the images that are rising up to guide you. There is an intelligence there you can trust. And when more and more of us say yes to inhabiting the edge of own creativity, which is also the edge of the creativity of the cosmos, we will truly lead from future possibility – the possibility that just may midwife us into a world of thriving – for ourselves and for future generations to come.


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