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Are You A Starseed? Signs You’re A Part Of The New Earth Project

By Sara Hocking

Sinking deeper and deeper, I submerge myself below the surface. The quiet overtakes me and fills me with peace. Each pulse of the ebbing water against my physical form reminds me that I am here. I am present. And, I do need to breathe.

Breaching the surface for air, I snap back to reality. The serenity of the depths remains in my soul, but is shattered by the screech of gulls and the wash of the surf on the shore. I come back into my humanity, the same as I do each morning as I rise from the depths of my unconscious state to the waking world.

My gaze flitters to the beach and back to the water, marvelling at the union of the Earth and Sea. This place is a connecting point between two worlds. I realise I do the same.

I am a Starseed. My purpose here is to change humanity.

My few incarnations here have always taken place during major times of change. The fall of Atlantis, the human embodiment of Christ Consciousness, the American Civil War, the Second World War, now. (Surely there are others, but these lifetimes have been seared upon my memory, like a brand.)

As Starseeds, we are the Vesica Pisces, sitting at the point of fusion, the world between two others. Starseeds are the synthesis of two merging realities. We incarnate on Earth to catalyze this reaction. As the catalysts, we are the creators, planners and architects of The New Earth Project.

Most of us have spent so many incarnations elsewhere, we have difficulty being human. Rather than incarnate here thousands of times to learn and grow, we come at select times. Before we do, we download information and memories from the collective conscious that become our own. We feel the pain and horror, the elation and joy of living in this world like we have had the experience ourselves. Yet, we carry the energy like a burden until we discover how to transmute it. Our purpose is to transmute and transform the energy, to ease the burden of humanity, as a whole. As we create what we believe to be change, within ourselves and for ourselves, we heal Earth and the species called Human.

When we do become human, we need extra time to acclimate. I have had to figure out how to navigate the world feeling like I could see the party, but lost my invitation to it. Everyone else seemed to cope with emotion easily, I was labeled as “sensitive.” Extreme emotion feels overwhelming and uncomfortable, no matter where on the emotional spectrum they fall. In large part, I avoid extreme displays of emotion. I liken it to choosing your office, each day, for work. Do you choose the one with the jackhammer shredding the pavement outside the window, or the quiet penthouse view in the corner?

Make no mistake, I have emotions and feel them. I am not bypassing them or acting like they don’t exist. But, I am guilty of repressing them until I can face them little by little. Many of us suffer from anxiety and depression for this exact reason, the emotion is too much so we completely withdraw, doing so feels safer.

While emotions are perplexing and trying and harsh, Logic and Reason are our friends. Our Star brains revel in the analytical and in making sense of things. Most of us are shocked by humanity. As a whole, it simply doesn’t make sense. We, logically, understand the duality on Earth. The aspect of humanity that pushes them to explore new frontiers, but remain connected to old systems and ways of behaving is confounding. Why would a people desire knowledge of the new, yet meet it with fear and hatred because it is unknown?

The Logic and Reason apply to every aspect of our Starseed existence as humans. I’m constantly seeking a more efficient approach to every task I undertake. My mantra has become, “Work smarter, not harder.”

We are on the brink of what’s possible. As humans, we are creating the New Earth each day we are here. We are laying the foundations for the generations to come. Those of us in adulthood, have paved the way for the magical children appearing now, in unprecedented numbers all over the planet. Never has the Earth experienced a time where more souls were incarnating fully awakened and aware.

Let us join together to support the awakening and expansion of The New Earth Project. We each have our own role to play. Consider whether or not you are embodying yours.

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Sara Hocking

Sara Hocking is a dynamic blend of down-to-earth realist and wildly-out-there intuitive. She brings her magic to life through her work empowering young people to shift from surviving to thriving. When she isn't spreading her pixie dust far and wide, you can find her living life, as an American ex-pat in Australia, with her family. You can always find her through her website and Facebook; check out her meditations for kids on YouTube or peruse her Instagram.

  1. AWESOME !!! AMEN !!!

  2. Thanks Susan! I’m glad this article resonates with you. It’s time for us to all band together! 😀

  3. Karen Knight

    Great article! I so feel it.

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