By Danny Picard HOLY FIRE

I Am Here To Feel, To Grow And To Push Envelopes And Think Outside Boxes

By Danny Picard

I am here to feel, to experience, to translate, to become, to grow, to decide, to think, to process to expand and to push envelopes and think outside boxes.

I am a delivery boy of energetics, goods, and wishes.
I am the post master for things being received.
I’m the awareness that brushes up against your skin.
I am the goosebumps that remind you of lessons learned.

I am the smile that warms your heart and I am the soul that recognizes you from yesterlife.

I translate your many smiles into a gesture of hope.

I am educated by your affection and I am reminded of your generosity, as you feel the need to share your experience with the outside world.

I am the manifestation who warms your heart and suggests positivity and laughter. I am a handful of hope in your pocket and a chill down your spine.

I am that I am.

I am the energy that ingests your embrace. I am the excitement of what you are manifesting. I am the breathe of wind which supports you.

I am the knowingness which makes things flow.
Trust in me. Believe in me.

I am value, I am self-worth, I am love, I am divine, I am comprehension, I am truth and I am the seeker of truth. I

am the divine cosmic order.
I am the realms of your dreams.
I am Self.

I am more than ok. I am alive.

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Danny Picard

Danny Picard guides others in understanding the 7th Golden Age and the Ascension process. Using Hypnotherapy and advanced forms of energy medicine, he helps energetically sensitive people (empaths) come out of their shells and rise into a place of empowerment. Danny started out with meditation at the young age of 17 and then progressed into studying holistic health and holistic massage therapy. Danny is a Usui and Lightarian™ Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Hypnotherapist. He helps support people everywhere in understanding how philosophy, energy healing, holistic health, thoughts, and law of attraction all fit together. His passion is to teach the science behind healing and why it is so important. Danny is a transformational speaker, spiritual life coach, and teaches the most potent forms of energy medicine on the planet. He is a Master Metatronia Therapist and 1 of 9 Official MT Workshop Facilitators to date, and the only male doing so. He works with the healing frequencies of Archangel Metatron and higher dimensional aspects of consciousness. Danny understands the harmonic balance and vibrational patterns of life. He will make you laugh and heal in a fun way. He is the founder of The Epic Human, Meditation for Humans, The Portland Reiki Network and is very involved with consciousness groups and healers from around the world.

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