Self-Healing: Tap Your Way To Stress Relief

By Patricia Reed

Get ready to tap your way to stress relief! This is a very quick and simple meridian tapping sequence (as used in TFT – Thought Field Therapy and EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) to help you to release stress from your body and mind. It takes only a couple of minutes, and it is extremely effective.

Simply follow these steps:

1. Connect with your body by noticing where you feel stress or tension. Your stomach? Neck and shoulders? Your back? Do you have a headache? Are your legs weak or shaking? Are you feeling cranky, edgy, or anxious, emotionally? Make a note, either mental or by writing it down, where your body and mind are experiencing the stress, and rate the level of that stress on a scale of 1 – 10, with 1 being the least amount of stress, and 10 being the most amount of stress.

2. Locate the fleshy part of the side of either one of your hands between your little finger and wrist – where you would execute a karate chop. With your other hand, use your index and middle finger to tap that “karate chop” point. Tap hard enough to put good energy there, but not so hard as to hurt yourself. While you are tapping, think about the stress you are feeling, and say out loud “Even though I feel stressed, I love and accept myself.” Give yourself about 10-20 good taps there.  (KC)

3. Keep thinking of the stress, or say out loud “This is stress,” and proceed to tap 10 times, the beginning of the eyebrow – this is near the bridge of your nose. When vocalizing “this is stress,” feel free to speak out and say what it is you are feeling stressed about. Don’t hold back – let it out as you tap. Let those emotions come up! Say whatever comes to your mind as you tap – remember – you are tapping it out of your energy bodies, so go ahead and belt it out – don’t hold anything back, don’t judge or resist. It’s OK to be like a kid having a tantrum when you’re tapping, so go for it!  (BE)

4. Tap the outside your eye, near your temple, 10 times, while thinking or saying “this is stress.”  (OE)

5. Tap under your eye (where the bone begins), 10 times, while thinking or saying “this is stress.”  (UE)

6. Tap under your nose, above your lips, 10 times, while thinking about the stress or saying “this is stress.”  (UN)

7. Tap under your lips, just above your chin, 10 times, while thinking about the stress or saying out loud “this is stress.”  (UL)

8 . Tap your collarbone points 10-20 times while breathing deeply and thinking about the stress or saying out loud “this is stress.” You can find your collarbone points by locating where your collarbone meets below your neck – where the little U-shaped dip is – and then tracing the bone out one inch, and down one inch.  (C)

9 . Tap under your arms 10 times, again, thinking of the stress or saying out loud “this is stress.” You’ll want to find the spot on your rib cage, about 4 inches below your underarms.  (A)

10. Tap your rib cage, just below your chest, 10 times while repeating “this is stress,” or simply thinking of the stress.  (L)

11. Start tapping the Gamut Point. Your gamut point (also known as the triple burner point) is located between the knuckles of your ring and little finger, in the little dip just below the space between these two knuckles.

While tapping here, close your eyes for a moment.
Then open them.
Then look down and to one side, and then down and to the other side.
Roll your eyes in a circle one way, and then roll them in a circle the other.
Move your eyes 5 times in a figure-8 pattern.
Then relax your eyes, and hum 5 beats of a tune, and then count to 5 out loud. Then hum 5 more beats of a tune.

12. Repeat steps 3-10, but instead of tapping out the stress, change what you are thinking and saying to what you would RATHER be thinking and feeling. Tell yourself that you feel better. Tell yourself you’re OK. Tell yourself that you are ALL POWERFUL. “I am Love! I am Joy! I am Peace! I can handle this! I feel GREAT! I can breathe! I am happy! As everything always does, this too shall pass. I accept myself, and I am grateful! I release resistance and I look for and I FIND the BEST in ALL situations!” Etcetera. Feel it from your Heart – SPEAK it from your Heart as you tap.

Again, that sequence is:

BE – Beginning of Eyebrow

OE – Outer Eye

UE – Under Eye

UN – Under Nose

UL – Under Lip

C – Collarbone Points

A – Under Arm (also known as the Spleen meridian point)

L – Liver

13. Tap the top of your head 10 times to end sequence. Tapping the top of your head helps to integrate the new programming into all of your energy bodies.  (TH)

Now think about the stress level you noted before you began the tapping. Where is that stress in your mind and body now, on that scale of 1 to 10? If you are still experiencing any level above 1, contact me to schedule a personally customized tapping session.

Extra — If you’d like to experience EFT for trauma, I highly recommend Brad Yates’ tapping videos on YouTube. While these videos are generalized, though individual work is called for, these videos are extremely helpful until you can work with a practitioner like Brad Yates or myself one-on-one. Watch and follow along, tap where he taps, say what he says, and whatever else come to mind.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living.



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