By Sophie Gregoire HOLY FIRE

14 Beautiful Musings For Saying Yes To Life

By Sophie Gregoire


There is a feeling of being in-between two worlds. What brings the fear is the feeling of being carried away from what was. And what brings the fear too, right now, is thinking that we have to decide and that decisions are irrevocable. What draws the thinking in is the old way of seeing life as either A or B, rather than a set of flowing experiences that shape us in time.

There is a feeling that decisions should be made. But now, and for us, decisions don’t have to mean “over”, “never again” or “no way back”. Life is long. Nothing is written in stone.

Decisions are about trusting the flow. But if it’s going too fast, if we are unsure, it doesn’t matter because what’s important always finds a way back.

You can flow without putting that much pressure on you. Yes, you’re changing, it’s almost non-negotiable, but you don’t have to finish this tonight to feel fine.

Let yourself be carried, slowly, trusting, by the melody of renewal.

. . .


Energies are wavy and disturbing right now. Peace is found in forgiveness. Forgive yourself for what you couldn’t see. Forgive yourself for choosing places that hurt your heart. We never know before we try, you see. You had to do what you did in order to know.

Forgive them for doing wrong things, for not being the people you wanted them to be.

Forgive. We did what we could, and they did, too. We played an important part in the music of their lives – as they did.

We forgive and we move forward – because there is no relief found in clinging to what doesn’t match our needs. There is no joy, in trying to make situations or people become what they aren’t or what they never could be.

Move. Trust the promise of other possibilities, elsewhere. Move, knowing that you’re safe to do so – because what’s meant to come back always will.

The past brought you here. It will remain as stories, memories – but you’re carried somewhere new now, and you get to live.

. . .


What’s your mission? Nothing! My purpose is joy.

. . .


There is a decision to make now. It’s either clinging to the past, even if it doesn’t seem to take you anywhere fun, or deciding that we’re moving forward, because the past is gone.

The past is gone, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The past shaped us, and that’s fine. But there are those things, you see, that came our way, not to stay forever, but to make us heal, introspect, grow, find ourselves.

It’s time to decide now. It’s like, there are two ways…

Moving forward, simply means not engaging the heart anymore in those things, that were our death-rebirth/awakening/I-break-free steps and saying Yes to the wave that’s taking us elsewhere now.

Moving forward is Not Resisting what’s changing now, actually.
Moving forward is accepting to be surprised.
Moving forward, is coming back to life.

Moving forward is accepting that the right path is “happy” and the Dark Night of the Soul, at least for now, is gone.


. . .


What always brought me to big changes in life was to allow myself to feel the discomfort of pain in any given situation.

. . .


Sensuality is when I look into your eyes, silently. As the world freezes around us we aren’t saying, or doing anything, but we both know that we’re imagining the same thing, secretly, and it speaks of each other’s skin.

. . .


Stand up. The end of suffering is happening, if that’s your desire. More balance with others is available if you can commit to stand tall.

There are doubts in the air. The promise of the New Land is there yes but you’re wondering, “am I ready?” What if I was basing my life on dreams? What if it won’t work?

It will. Yes, the familiar is familiar, and we as humans tend to choose familiar pains, over what we can’t see. Not you. Not us.

You’re ready. You don’t know much, but you know what you’ve outgrown and what can’t make you happy anymore. That’s enough, you see. That’s your answer for now. Things unfold by elimination sometimes, and life only goes forward.

Find a way to make movement happen, it’s time.

. . .


You know a door has opened but you don’t know what/who is coming in and when. That doesn’t matter. Be the energetic, bright, patient chalice. Be the happy, golden, open space.
Don’t rush. Don’t let stuff in just to let stuff in. Stay in the energy of “I won’t settle for less”. You’re ready to be surprised yes, but that’s life who leads – that’s life who gets to decide when and how She surprises you.

Magic happens, it’s not forced.

Stay in that Fairy mood, explore Wonderland and know that you’ll be found. The details?

Not your job, you see. Trust.

. . .


When you’ve stopped doing what you didn’t like, and you only do what you like – you can be happy anywhere, because you carry the Sun within you.


. . .


If you want to receive what’s best for you, you need to detach from what you don’t really want, what makes you feel small, unhappy, trapped in suffering

In other words to receive your next beauties, you need to decide to detach from the mess – or there is no free space to receive.

It’s hard to detach from the mess when/if you think that you are a match to the mess – but if you could see yourself for the magic that you are, you’d be certain that you’re a match to gold, fairies and unicorns and nothing else. That’s it.

. . .


Again, and sorry, but I don’t think that you have be any new-agey thing to be “spiritual”.

“Spiritual” comes from “spirit” to me – which is what and who you are at your core, when ego layers, or identities/beliefs/situations that aren’t really You are released.

To me being “spiritual” is being on the way of reaching your true, authentic self. When you get closer to your “true self”, you begin to live a life that feels aligned and not imposed by society, trends, backgrounds, etc.

You’ve reached a place where you feel free to be Yourself. That doesn’t always mean drinking green smoothies or being a yoga teacher, it can but it doesn’t have to.

I have nothing against new-agey things, but sometimes it feels that it may take people away from the deep, true journey – which is simply introspecting, exploring life and what draws you to find yourself.

. . .


Boundaries aren’t walls, but the doors people need to walk through to find you.

. . .


Just settle in your high energy, bright space – and trust that the “right actions” will naturally flow from there.

. . .


Be open, be open. Be the high energy empty space. It’s time to receive.

. . .

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