Power Is Saying: I Do Not Seek Your Blessing And I Don’t Need Your Permission


By Emily Dryzga

I don’t need your permission to love, to dream, to connect with the plants and animals and spirits that are my birth right. You are not the sanctimonious bridge between me and the divine. You are not the mediator.

I need no external connection point. My electricity does not need your power plant. My spark comes from within. I sync/sink my bare feet into the wet, squishy, dark soil. I feel the power of Mother Earth creep up into my feet, through my legs, into my pelvic bowl and up into my heart.

I refuse to pay homage to the priest and prophet to speak with the Goddess on my behalf.

I do not seek your blessing. You do not get to decide when and how I connect to my divinity.

I found myself waiting. Waiting for your approval. Waiting for another training. Waiting on another certification. I’m waiting to be enough. I’m waiting for permission.

I don’t need your permission. I choose direct connection. I choose to meet my maker eye to eye, wing to wing, breath to breath.

I step into my divine power and commune with the goddesses and wolves, hawks and wild blueberries, moss and red salamanders.

Direct connect. Full force constellations of power. Shock waves rippling across the wide open star scape.

We are shamans, we are priestesses, we are healers. We are here to shepherd in a new era of intimate connection. A new way of being. Direction connection to divine superpowers within and without.

I don’t need your permission.

You are capable. You are worthy. You do not need another certification. You do not need someone to intercede on your behalf. Lies. Half truths. Yes, and learn from your teachers. Learn all the good, hard lessons they have to offer.

Step into your power. The time is now. Stop waiting for permission.

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  1. I am so in love with this. A year ago I spent time with a spiritual guru and it left me with no voice for two weeks. He tried to make me fit into an idea that wasn’t mine I didn’t need his or anyone’s approval or permission just my own. Thank you for this.

  2. This is an empowering read -read it twice and shared it. It echoes the many ways that people do look for approval in their lives and moves you to stand -even if it means standing alone. Great work.

  3. So lovely to read and true to my experience 💞

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